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The different methods and ways of writing an excellent essay

by thompsonpaul (writer), , April 11, 2017

In the article describes various methods of writing an essay and all the advantages and disadvantages of each method will be considered. Read more about it

The various methods of writing an essay

Writing different essays is a necessary component of learning in the modern Universities in particular, and in the whole our educational system at all. The level of development of technology allows students to use multiple ways of writing, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's consider them in more detail.

Method # 1. The best is to write on their own

In this case, the student himself can thoroughly understand the research problem that will significantly increase his chances of successful protection and obtain a positive evaluation.


    ·This is the cheapest method, which also forms the student's skills of independent research activities.

    ·The teacher, noticing that the student writes a job on his/her own, can make concessions and to allow ‘’non perfect” one

    ·In almost all cases, independent writing essay ensure that the student high marks


This method is not for all students, as it requires a significant investment of time, a sufficient amount of knowledge and certain practical skills (especially in those cases where it is necessary to make calculations, independent study, etc.).

Quite often, a situation arises where to find the necessary information is not so easy. Modern teachers often give new topics not covered in textbooks and require the student to write new material.

Even if the student does not use the Internet, faithfully goes to the library and he picks up the material, there is a high probability that similar information is already contained in the other essays, hosted on free Internet resources (after all, 80% of students use the same textbooks). And there is no guarantee that by spending time on independent work, you will not find almost the same job with a classmate who just downloaded it from the Internet.

Method # 2. The best is to order an essay in a specialized center

This is the way to choose most of the today's students.


Receive a quality essay, which covers the main theoretical and practical aspects of the research topic with the most relevant sources of information.

If the student does not simply "buy" a job, and spend at least a small amount of time familiarizing themselves with its contents, it is easy to obtain a high mark.


It’s not free. You need to pay money for it. However, you can buy cheap essay on some resources.

For that reason choosing a specialist writing work should pay attention to several factors:

1. The presence of a base of ready works. Usually each performer or training center has its database of works (portfolio). A large number of works testifies to the professionalism and responsibility of the contractor. It is impossible to involve more clients if you do work of poor quality or systematically don’t meet the expectations of the customers.

2. The presence of feedback. It can be reviews of your friends or reviews from other users who have used the services of this company.

3. The company must have an experience in this field of market. Writing an essay is best left to experts having experience in the field for at least 5-7 years.

Method # 3. The simplest way is to download exchange rate from the Internet

One of the most common ways when the student simply enters the name of the theme in Google and immediately receives the ability to download a file.


The easiest way that requires no special knowledge, time, and material costs.


Unfortunately, this version "works" no more than in 10-15% of cases. Modern teachers know all possible ways of writing an essay so always suspect that the majority of students choose this "easy" way. If they will see text similar to the text of your classmate, or see that he/she read it before (e.g. last year), then you will be sent for alteration. To gain admission to the protection will be quite difficult, obtaining a positive assessment on the protection is also very doubtful.

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