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Why .NET Is A Right Choice For Enterprise App Development?

by Kaushal Shah (writer), , March 16, 2017

.NET is widely known for compatibility, flexibility, and cost-efficient benefits. Here are five reasons why .NET as a framework should be preferred when it comes to enterprise application development.

Enterprise applications that are designed to meet performance and customer usability requirements need a technology that is robust, reliable and scalable to provide business efficiency in the long run. Microsoft .NET is one such technology that delivers unmatched user experiences to meet the growing needs of an enterprise. Many large organizations depend on .NET application development solutions to build faster and offer flexibility required for future growth.

With 75 percent of enterprise applications running on one or the other Dot NET platforms, Dot NET provides countless adaptable features and functionalities to fit into any and every application built on it. Though mastering and memorizing the Dot NET traits is a daunting task, it offers everything your enterprise application would need. So, check out the top seven reasons that make Dot NET a preferred platform of choice among developers, coders, and designers when it comes to enterprise application development.

5 Reasons For Using Dot Net For Enterprise App Development:

1. Adaptability: Dot NET easily adapts to every programming language and platform. It has the ability to virtually comply with any and every application, whether legacy or modern. It facilitates code and data sharing for native and hybrid application development while enabling mobile applications to combine with desktop and web applications. It adds a layer of security and is the quickest way to test the feasibility of your development projects.

2. Compatibility: Dot NET allows developers to build applications that can seamlessly work across mobile, desktops and tablets with a unified user experience. Developers can reuse their .NET environment configurations, code, and components to suit specific app development needs. It eases integration with multiple existing systems and is backward compatible. Another major advantage in terms of compatibility is that Dot NET integrates with several cloud solution providers like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer, BlueMIx, and more.

3. Maintenance: As it's backed by a strong and vibrant community of Microsoft professionals, the Dot NET platform gets regularly updated for the technical glitches and troubleshooting issues. Consequently, this releases you from the responsibility of maintaining the software. And once you implement it for your project, it reduces re-writing of development codes, enables seamless integration of new features and modules with your current project, and consumes less time when re-arranging the components.

4. Security: For every enterprise, whether large or small, security is non-negotiable. With this in mind, Dot NET offers top notch security features for enterprise application and software development. Developers can build sophisticated and highly secure applications using pre-built features such as encryptions, code checks, character validations, and code access security (CAS).

5. Scalability: The versatility of .NET enables enterprises to scale their business as per their growing needs. The technology is highly customizable and competent to support the increasing load in case of growth. It even eradicates the need of investing (or re-investing) in a new software while scaling itself to adapt to the changing scenarios.

The reliability, ease of deployment, maintainability, and scalability benefits has made Dot NET a preferred technology for application development among enterprises and developers alike. Its additional benefits such as reduced complexity and integration with enterprise frameworks (Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365 SharePoint), and cross-platform compatibility further results in improved operational efficiency and ROI for your business. What is your take on leveraging the .NET framework to build applications for your enterprise? Share your thoughts with us through the comments box below.

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