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by riginal (writer), moe australia, March 08, 2017

Stop and smell the roses, listen with dormant mobile to a friend/stranger, and look them in the'll feel the appreciation. Of course it will take 'time out' of your busy schedule! :>)


Hard to fathom, life? Each and everyone has their own portent for living. Take kids for instance...away from their mothers. That would take away their reason for living? Rightly so. Others live on the precipice of a fine edge, balancing careers with the indecision of whether to have children or basically devote their lives to taking care of business. An ever increasing majority these days in my opinion, which is worth small cents in the dollar of monetary accolade. Some seem more engrossed in putting their stamp on society, particularly in the realms of technology and hence the need to be at the forefront of a appy life via mobile apps, and tablet hard plastic lap top formed net results.

Nothing wrong with that in the scheme of things. Gone are the days of mum 'being there.' The demands of an enforced obligatory both parents working genre. Or those without children much the same ilk. Once, not so long ago, you could hold a decent conversation with a friend, or newly met, about life in general, without the person you have eye contact going cross-eyed at other distractions, or the ultimate mobile distraction which is in my opinion once again, spells the technological death to a vibrant heart-to-heart converse.

Strange too, is the plethora of toys, electronics, for kids which become second perhaps in a brief interlude of imagination to a cardboard box or a spoon banged strident on a tin baking dish as a diversion of interest which is quickly relegated to advanced youth laptop phenomenon to keep up with what the world demands via the urgency of education. "Be educated or perish" shrieks the mantra of the social system animal.The era of blatant, flog this and flog that encompasses, embraces, "enter your particulars,password, etc to enable you a chance to win a prize." One can't buy anything it seems in a supermarket without the ad attract,"win a world holiday." Of course the consumer foots the bill for all prizes indirectly. Ad hoc.

All parents want the best opportunities for their children to get a university education. And rightly so. a lady i talked to recently said she put her son through university only to feel disappointment and chagrin. He was happy to steam clean carpets and felt fulfilled. And i'll close this post by saying that with the advent of robotic sterile rule-of-thumb "must be at the top of the class or else" the advent of robotic personage to take over overwhelmingly the jobs of human activity resultant greater productivity and exactness, it begs the question, should society stop and smell the roses and contemplate the world around it?

And possibly in that brief interim when you're talking in earnest about something to a friend which is important to you, they could out of sheer politeness, turn their mobile/s off for a brief period and as a friend not gawk around and nod like a politician's bodyguard standing in the background thinking perhaps,"what a load of bollocks, be glad to get home and listen to my kid/s banging a spoon on mum's tin baking dish. In effect what i'm saying again is, "wake up and smell the roses!" The real ones, not the robotic pressed plastic ones. Although artificially scented, life smells much better down to earth don't you think? "Must go...catch up," It rings strident these days. Ants in a maze, amazed at the antics of technology, is that what we've become? Free will is instilled and a must for democratic existence, but the spoon on a tin baking dish sounds sweet, of course if one can afford that brief time to listen? :>)

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