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How to Find Balance while Seeking Success

by simonhopes (writer), , February 26, 2017

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Seeking Success

Most of us know all too well that when it comes to being successful, time and dedication is needed. If you take a look behind the scenes of a really successful person’s life...

Most of us know all too well that when it comes to being successful, time and dedication is needed. If you take a look behind the scenes of a really successful person’s life, you will find that they often spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort on key areas of their lives in order to find that success. This also comes hand-in-hand with a lack of balance if they aren’t careful because you’ll also notice that even successful people neglect many areas of their lives in order to find that success.

Is it even possible to find balance and success?

Complete balance is impossible to achieve but the ability to pay attention to all areas of your life while prioritizing some of them strategically is completely possible and doable. Many people accomplish this balance through a few powerful steps.

Setting goals

Everyone has goals and dreams but it’s a different thing to set up intentional goals in every area of your life. It seems like many people have one big goal they are pursuing that is career or maybe relationship related and all other areas of their life just fall in behind that in a messy blur. Every area of your life, no matter how small or low priority it is to you, deserves a goal. When you are trying to balance multiple areas of your life it’s nice to know exactly what your next step is in each area. This provides focus and direction that saves you a lot of time trying to stay on top of things.


Once you have those goals set up for each area of your life, it’s really important to prioritize those goals. It’s so easy to lose track of what is most important when you’re focusing on ticking things off your list or just trying to get things done. Be brutal in how you prioritize these goals because you will be saving yourself a considerable amount of time and energy that you would have spent bopping from one to the other without aim or focus. With your priorities lined up, you’ll know what you should be working on and when.

One of the best ways to prioritize is to simply write down all of your current goals and then attach a value to them. This value can be based simply on a specific time frame that it needs to be accomplished in or it can be based on how complicated the goal is and how much time it will take. Use these values to help you schedule times to work on the goals. Your top goal should probably take some of your time every day or at least a few times per week while your less important goals can be scheduled in every other week or once per month. This process ensures that even your “less important” goals still get accomplished and aren’t overlooked.

Staying accountable

One of the biggest tricks to becoming super effective in what you do and successful in achieving your goals is to stay accountable. It’s uncomfortable and awkward at times but it really keeps you motivated and moving more than anything else. Successful people know themselves and know that they fall off track if they don’t have a way of staying accountable so they put various methods in place that keep them from getting too sidetracked.

This can be done in many different ways depending on what you’re working toward so get creative when it comes to finding ways to stay accountable. The main idea is simply to have one or more people involved in and informed of your progress. Yes, that means you have to get another human involved. Many people turn to their spouses or family members to hold them accountable and check in with them about their various goals. You can also choose to set up a partnership at work or school with a colleague who understands your goal specifically and can help you or nudge you in the right direction along the way. Then there are more dedicated forms of accountability like finding a mentor or a personal coach. These options are possibly the most effective for those who really want to get an in depth service that will help them and motivate them every step of the way.

By staying setting goals, prioritizing them and seeking accountability, your life will automatically start feeling more balanced as you pursue success. Although a perfect balance is impossible, it’s important to continue seeking balance because all areas of your life are important on some level and they interconnect and effect each other in many ways we don’t even realize.

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