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How to Properly Use an Inversion Table?

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, February 26, 2017

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For the people whom have just started the process, this question is very sensitive to them as they are not used to a prolonged period of inverting.

For the people whom have just started the process, this question is very sensitive to them as they are not used to a prolonged period of inverting. It might be difficult for them during the first few days so they are advised to only invert in accordance to their bodies capability and as they slowly try to adopt through the process they will get used to inverting for a longer period of time. The easiest way to do it is by simply pulling a muscle in the back or your nerve and holding still throughout the period so as to ensure that your body is not interrupted as it is focusing its energy on one area. You will know that you have figured it out once you notice that your head is a foot below your feet. We also ensure that people get to achieve 45 degrees of this practice by making their head get to their foot and in doing so, it is positive that they have achieved more than they would ever have gotten in the hospital. Also the angle of inversion affects the comfort of breathing, so it is advisable to know your breathing time table to choose the perfect angle, for those people that are affected by breathing difficulties they are never to use this practice at any time as they might worsen their condition. As for those that are not affected, then the shallower the angle the longer the breathing time as this is the position that we mostly recommend to our clients. Once your body gets tired, it is advisable to get back to the upright position slowly and then you rest on the horizontal position for some time before you get your body straight again.

Well, for the new beginners, the discomfortness that occurs is due to getting too far on a short period of time, it is therefore advisable to take your time as your body was also designed to stay upside down without getting any discomfortness. So the way to get to it is by simply getting to best inversion table gradually and increasing the angle only when you feel discomfortness.

To what degree should I invert?

Again, the answer to this question also varies depending on the person, for the beginners, their angle should only be half way as compared to the regular invertees. The size and the body shape do not matter because as you invert, you get to feel like a leaf and your body weight doesn¡¯t get on your way. The new beginners are advised to position themselves at 20 to 30 degrees. At this point, your body muscles will beginner to experience some stretches, this will be due to the improved oxygen circulation in your body from the head, repositioning of internal organs to other parts exclusively.

Once you get to 60 degrees, this is the position in which the average person who is used to the training gets without any discomfortness. It is the best position as the average person virtually experiences their spines receiving an amount of traction it needs to completely decompress and so most of the people that are exercising inversion do not need to go beyond this position. However, 90 degrees is the full inversion angle. In this position, your body gets too hung and freely performs the inversion exercise. It is advisable to never go for 90 degree if you are not fully prepared for it. Most people who enjoy full inversion are the athletes as their strong muscles and a ligament often needs higher loads so as to decompress fully. Intermittent traction is the position that one stays upright for 20 to 30 seconds without returning to the normal position and then gets back to it for the same time in a rhythmic position. This method is mostly recommended by doctors especially for stimulating circulation and waste removal.

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