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5 Fighting Games That Still Pack A Punch

by The Wedding Cards On (writer), , February 08, 2017

It’s more than likely you’ll be rushing off to play at least one of these after reading this list!

Whatever type of console you choose to do battle on, fighting games have always been popular. Starting out in the arcades, they are the ultimate opportunity for you and a friend to match each other punch for punch as you compete for instant bragging rights. With the release of the seventh edition in the ever popular Tekken franchise just around the corner, it seems like a good time to take a look back at some of the most popular fighting games of all time. It’s more than likely you’ll be rushing off to play at least one of these after reading this list!

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Let’s start with the aforementioned Tekken. This one dates back over 20 years to 1995 and was one of the first fighting games created in 3D. The second came out just a year later and made significant improvements to the original. Since then, the franchise has never looked back and it has now been released on more or less every type of console. The new edition is set for release on PC so now may be the time to invest in a cutting-edge gaming PC on which to enjoy Tekken in all its glory.

Street Fighter

With a cast of iconic characters including Ryu, Ken, Blanka and Chun-Li, Street Fighter has origins dating all the way back to the late 80s. Of course, the first edition and the most recent Street Fighter V which was released just last year are worlds apart. Street Fighter II is the one that many of us remember with the most affection, and it really did pave the way for many of the fighting games that followed it.


This one was all about the extensive weaponry, colourful battlegrounds and crazy cast of characters. Influenced by both Tekken and Street Fighter, it appeared in arcades in the mid 90s before being released on a series of other consoles. Since then, new editions have come thick and fast but we are still yet to see one come out on either the PS4 or Xbox One. Hopefully this is set to change…

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Super Smash Brothers

Not a fighting game in the traditional style but still one that has a special place in the hearts of gamers, Super Smash Brothers brought together many of Nintendo’s most popular characters to do battle. What could be better than putting Super Mario and Pikachu up against each other, while Zelda flies off the edge of a cliff?

Mortal Kombat

This fantasy-horror themed game has blood and gore aplenty, and spawned various spin-offs including films, TV series as well as a host of other games. Its infamous ‘fatalities’ are what makes this series stand out from the crowd, and as video game graphic developed, the finishing moves became more and more stomach-churning. This didn’t deter many gamers, who have followed the game for years and years.

The evolution of fighting games has been a long and colourful process, and with the advent of virtual reality games, who knows what the future holds for them?

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