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by riginal (writer), moe australia, January 24, 2017

When science tries to emulate the insect world for warfare exploitation some scientists can be caught in the wrong neck of the woods. The experimental man-made deadly fly sits with wings blunted.

THE FLY. riginal.

Just a fly in the year 2030. Smart. Knows all the buzz words. An artificial intelligent winged man- made synthetic fly. It was test day. The handspan size female Tarantula had spun its huge web in the laboratory glass enclosure. It was hungry still, though remnants of flybys, real carcasses, lay empty in the intricate woven trap of webbed sticky silk entrails forced deftly out of its body.

It sat quivering, fangs bared. Front legs moving imperceptibly. Ready. Waiting for a buzz and the awkward dumb move a fly ordinary, makes. Straight into web. Easy target. The scientist checked the co-ordinates in the tiny fly brain, turned on the micro switch. It didn't buzz when it was set free near the web inside the glass enclosure. Smarter than the average fly. It's antenna felt the spider's vicinity. Both sized each other up.

The fly assessed the danger. Only one computed thing to do. And it did. It took off. Hovered over the abdomen of it's predator. It avoided the web. Senses in its body appraised the danger of getting helplessly stuck though it was well equipped with cutters should the occasion arise. With jet- like precision it splayed its suction sensitive legs,landed on the Tarantula's broad rear. Clung for dear life. It spun, squealed, tried to shake it, didn't understand its strange behavior pattern. Legs scrambling,startled, panic.

It twisted and turned,rolled itself into a scrabbling frenzy. She was trapped in the web. exhausted. Curled up momentarily tried to disengage itself.The fly's inbuilt injector fired. She felt the shock of the tranquilizer. She screeched. The fly's razor blade whirred, sharp wings cut through its entanglement. It flew out of harms way, buzzed. Sat waiting its next command.

"Ah ha experimental buzz pot, you did well my little friend, a larger version could be employed come warfare abuzz, particularly in the jungle little deadly friend!" The scientist chortled. Lifted the aperture on the glass cage. His hand slipped on the attack app monitor 'over ride' brain relay. The fly buzzed, accelerated straight up into the jugular of the scientist, its wing razors severed. That's where they found the bloodied corpse. Curled up dead. The spider's efforts ended the same.

The blood spattered fly flew into a rage around the room. Landed indiscriminately on the app. Lay silent. Droplets of blood were scrubbed off its inactive overheated body. The year 2030, a bad time to be on the web. And for hairy creatures rolling around in a stuck up position. This is the danger of trying to get a buzz out of warfare. :>)

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