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Types of Roses Existing in World

by herbertp343 (writer), , January 23, 2017

This article will take a look at various kinds of roses. A variety of roses that you can consider growing in your garden:

If you love gardening and are planning to plant roses in your garden, there are varieties of types of roses that you can consider. Growing roses in can be quite confusing for many expert gardeners as well. However, knowing the different types of roses can help you to grow roses’ better and healthy roses in your garden. This article will take a look at various kinds of roses.

A variety of roses that you can consider growing in your garden:

Amongst the roses, there are three main classifications of roses and amongst these three classifications of roses. The three top classifications of roses are:

  • Old roses:
  • Old roses are one of the three classifications of roses. Old roses are also known as antique rose or heritage rose. Without any modification, these roses have been around since 1867. Old rose blooms only once and that are in early summer and they are known for their distinctive strong smell. Old rose is quite tough in nature, and they require a little amount of pruning. There are many old roses which are quite popular with gardeners, and these are:

  • Lady Banks
  • Green Rose
  • Baronne Prevost
  • Francis Dubreuil
  • Modern or Hybrid roses:
  • This is another classification of roses amongst the three top classifications of the roses. Hybrid roses were first created from the best of the old roses, which we have seen earlier. This new variety of roses has been bred for certain colors, the fragrance, and size of the rose flower. They are also known to resist various types of diseases, a longer blooming ability for more many times. There are three main types of Modern roses:

  • Floribunda: This variety of new rose blooms roses in clusters. These flowers are bright in color and bloom smaller sized roses. One of the best characteristics of this rose is that they bloom throughout the year, in all seasons.
  • Grandiflora: This is another type of modern rose, which offers steady blooming quality that is similar to floribunda and the beauty of another classification of rose called hybrid rose tea. The roses of Grandiflora blooms on large sized stems, and the roses bloom either singular or clustered together.
  • Hybrid tea rose: Hybrid tea rose blooms with long stems with beautiful and more generous sized roses. These are one of the most famous rose breeds in the world. Some of the most popular hybrid tea roses are:
  • Fragrant plum
  • Iceberg
  • Amber Queen
  • Gold metal
  • Wild or Species rose:
  • These are the native variant of roses and the third type from the three classifications of roses. These do not take any particular care of thousands of years, and they bloom with five petals only. The natural colours are: red, pink and white. They also feature rose flower with bright colored hips. This variety of roses is easy to maintain, and they are sturdy in nature. These roses only bloom once a year. Some of the famous wild or species roses are:

  • Rugosa rose
  • Multiflora rose

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