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by riginal (writer), moe australia, January 18, 2017

When you wake in the early hours, and a flickering mind light illuminates the cobwebs of human subconscious frailty. What do you think of?


FRONT. We all know the meaning of. To present reality but in essence much like a Western movie of yore, whereupon the cameras deceive by presenting angles of filmic which inspires our imagination to believe that the 'buildings' are in fact that. And as we all know due to expenditure/time, just an outward appearance of real, propped up buildings. Full frontal in artistic concept.

Human nuance and behavior mimic this in my opinion to a degree but then my degrees of opinion could be quite wrong and need degreasing. I believe with no exception or little thereof, we all aspire or use a 'front' of presentation to enable us to socially present for whatever reason, or to aspire to impress.Therefore the person we may be talking to often projects an image not totally aligned to what they really feel and indeed are.

Was told this accidental story by a lady who T-boned a car driven by a suited businessman. She was hysterical. Most women are. I'm kidding just threw that in for comic relief. Being a management person, the guy hit for a six, took complete control. Exchange addresses licence details,insurance etc. Checked this lady was of sound body at least,then proceeded with aplomb to soothe her angst. For which the damsel- in- distress was most grateful for. However, the cool calm collected chap wasn't when she tried to contact him at his workplace to thank him for his handling of the situation and soothement in her accidental predicament. His secretary whom she talked to,said,"oh i'm sorry he can't come to the phone,he's been so upset all day he couldn't leave his office or take calls."

Guess we're all a bit like that. Human nature. A famous shrink once asked a President how he felt when for instance he woke 2am in the morning. Maybe when the shroud of front was unprepared and off guard perhaps? Real anxiety or locked up worries or thoughts dancing in the moonlight before the light of day and assistants etc not at beck and advice call? The President was visibly shaken apparently. I used the word shrink because i believe,yes,they are learned people indeed and no put down intended,but from what i've read and some talked to, are they not after all subject to the same mind trauma at times despite their training and insights of mental? Do they not grieve or feel our same sorrow/anger over divorce,lost love? Do they themselves have to revert to shrinkdom for advice?

Might be my imagination, but do Presidents not go grey and seemingly age overnight compared to their partners, despite the fact that a full frontal makeover makes the ladies look blemish free. And younger in comparison because maybe her hub has to, to a certain degree wear the 'front' of responsibility as in, "look at me i have everything under control via my advisers and my script writer's 'make up.' " Or down? according to interpretation. Is Religion in itself a front or at least a mindset pillow to lay ones prays on at night and a resting place or subterfuge for a weary mind which accepts and grasps it eagerly? Nothing wrong with that.

When you apply for a job does not a certain amount of front exude to let the boss or respective employer know that YOU are the one to take on the world and indeed though a bit ruffled inside, confidence impresses?

Me? I don't use fronts as such, i treat everything in life as a joke. Serious is for the deceased. Or,if you take life too serious the damage stress does is downright deadening- well documented. Oh. and when you wake up in the wee hours, something that may have happened that day disturb you slightly when the sleep curtain rustles transparent? What do you think of? Ahh but we all have a conscience...exercise it a great deal and you'll end up not so much with a front but maybe finish in front. I could be horribly wrong. Best of luck, and you guys trying to con up a desirous lady, don't rubbish on how you are the CEO of a large financial company. Unless you are. :>) Just say something simple like, "please don't take this as an affront but i guess you have high ideals and expectations of a man to garner your interest, but may i say i love your hairstyle." Then smile and walk away...I'll leave the ending up to you guys. Faint heart never won fair lady, guess it depends though, maybe she's a CEO up front just appreciating a front less approach. Maybe. Have a great day.:>)

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