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Advice for SMEs Looking to Grow

by Leslie White (writer), , December 26, 2016

Advice to SMEs on how to grow sustainably.

So you’re a buzzing entrepreneur and have a few ideas or you’ll trading in full swing and are looking for opportunities to maximise your current growth trajectory. Well - you’ve come to the right place as we’ve compiled a short hints and tips guides for you to get the most out of your working day.

Whether or not you have the ability too, or feel comfortable with it, your first point of call should be giving your employees more responsibility while at work, giving them a sense of ownership and a level of freedom on a project means it will not only free your workload but it will also give them the feeling of self-worth. There is always an added benefit when the manager delegates correctly and signs of at stages of the project. It helps promote efficiency and improves the workflow of any task.

A messy office is not a great way to start! It’ll simply make important documents harder to find, and can lead to misplaced files and missed deadlines. It’s easy, especially being a startup based SME, when you have not one to tell you otherwise, but that work will go unseen and and will not be completed. Try enforcing a clean-desk policy and keeping communal workspaces clutter-free. It’s crucial to the movement of your business, A tidy desk is a tidy mind.

Measure productivity, and use data to your benefit. You’ll be surprised by the level of people that don’t measure what goes well, and more importantly, why? It’s incredibly important to understand all accomplishments so you can reflect again and again and lower your cost per acquisition on what you’re achieving. A simple example of this is, if you can imagine you have 10 adverts and of those adverts, you have 10 variations of your core or most successful advert. It could be that you have a slightly different image, longer or shorter text, or even an exclamation mark, all of these variations will have a different affect on your target audience, you’ll quickly find that one is more successful than the other and this will offer you a far better ROI on your spend than an alternative will, using this data to your advantage will yield better results. This is something that EdTech student startup, University Compare have done extremely well. By directing a lot of attention to their service by perfecting their display ads and perfecting their incredibly content. By creating dynamic content that offers value to users, such as a variation of personal statement examples, and incredible subject degree guide library to aid anyone applying to university.

University Compare isn’t just offering advice and incredible content, they’ve been working on a series of social channels to help them maximise their reach through a series of demographics. Which is important as part of your digital strategy.

Out last and most important tip is about inspiring your team, how do you keep them interested and passionate about their role, the company and making the company money. A happy workforce is often a productive workforce, so if you’re in a position of management don’t forget to uplift, encourage and inspire your team in any way possible! It’s really important to remember that, aside from earning money, many people go to work to better themselves and bring something unique to an organisation. Everyone likes to be rewarded for their hard work from time to time, so whether it’s all-staff bonuses or performance-related prizes, don’t shy away from offering incentives.

Be kind, fun, smart, and passionate with your workforce and the content that you are offering and you’ll soon find that the rest of your digital strategy will fall into place.

For any more advice about applying to university, check out University Compare, a university comparison site that compares over 36,000 degree courses across 425 institutes and offers education advice, personal statement library, guidance and student discounts.

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