Wedding Favor Ideas Which Can Please Your Guests

Wedding ceremonies are the way to celebrate the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Everyone tries to please the bride and groom by showering love and good fortune over them. Bride & groom, being the center of attraction for the wedding, we may forget to focus on our guests. Welcoming our guests and pleasing them in a way, to make them realize that their presence is essential too. The moment of the ceremony, joy and happiness are incomplete without them. Try to put some effort to make them comfortable and provide them the wedding essentials they need. Show the concern from mentioning detailed information in the wedding card to make them feel comfortable. If you are planning your wedding outside the town or looking for a destination wedding, then let your guests know what they need to bring and what you are providing as wedding favor to make them comfortable. Getting the right wedding favor doesn't mean spending a bulk of money. The right gift may be unique, personal, appealing & lovely. There's a list of ideas, your guest may want as wedding favors, have a look at it:

Honey, jam, jelly etc.-

Your guests will love the little mason jars of sweets and savory wedding flavors. You can use small mason jars filled with different flavorful granola, jam, jelly that would last till your guest will be back to their stays. You can offer number of options so the guests can choose something that suits their taste.


You don't need to have an open bar to serve the drinks, you can offer drinks to your guests as a wedding favor with a custom message and tied with a ribbon and a quirky straw to have fun. Everyone will love it definitely.

Gumball machine

It is a unique and cheap idea for the wedding favor that can put a smile on your guest's faces. Fill the machine with candies and wrap it in a beautiful carry bag with a ribbon on its top.

Scented soaps & candles

Provide scented soap and candles to make them nostalgic and remind the flavors of buttercream one whip cake, the fragrance of the flowers during the ceremony, these simple and sweet gifts can be amazing. Aromatic hand soaps will be remembered pleasantry.

Local offerings

If you are planning your wedding in your hometown or a region specific which is famous for local novelty. You can offer your guests map of the area along with the mason jars filled with the apple chutney if apple orchards are located nearby.

Instead of these things you can also offer a flash drive to your guest which contains pictures from the different sights of the wedding celebration to keep lifetime memory. How can these simple and cheap wedding favors bring a large smile on guests faces? Weddings and appropriate planning are such amazing things to enjoy.