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5 Great Apps for Football Season

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 06, 2016

If you want to be your team's biggest fan, add the five apps below now to your mobile device.

Football fans can start planning for the upcoming season by downloading apps that will help them keep up with their favorite teams and plan awesome parties. If you want to be your team's biggest fan, add the five apps below now to your mobile device.

Tailgating Planner

Tailgating doesn’t happen by accident. A good event takes plenty of planning. The aptly named Tailgating Planner allows you to easily put together a fun party that will attract friends and other football fans.

Tailgating Planner organizes all the items you need into convenient lists, including food, condiments, recreation, and electronics. Tap each category to see what supplies the app suggests for you. As long as you follow its instructions, you should have plenty of food, drinks, and other items for an excellent parking lot party. Of course, if you want to bring extra items, you can add them to your list. Then, you can check off products as you buy them.

Steak Mate

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Tailgating Planner might tell you to bring steaks and other meats to your party, but the app won’t tell you how to cook them properly. For that information, you’ll need the Steak Mate app. Steak Mate asks you to give it only four pieces of information: the meat’s cut, your intended cooking method, the meat's thickness, and the desired doneness you want.

No tailgating party is complete without grilled meat dishes, so don’t take any chances when you cook outdoors this season. Steak Mate will keep your grill game on point so you can satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Steak Mate is a free app. If you don’t mind spending a few dollars, you should consider downloading Weber’s On the Grill, too. This app includes recipes for rubs and marinades as well as instructions for grilling your favorite cuts of meat.


What kind of party doesn’t have music? Pandora lets you create music stations based on your favorite artists. Once you choose a band, musician, or genre, Pandora will generate a never-ending playlist based on your preferences. A device such as the LG G5 smartphone with a high-capacity battery from a carrier like T-Mobile, will let you play music all day without forcing you to recharge. You also get the benefit of connecting to the T-Mobile network so that you can stream music quickly.

You can use Pandora for free as long as you don’t mind listening to commercials occasionally. If you think ads will disrupt your party’s vibe, then you might want to sign up for the Pandora One, an ad-free version that costs $4.99 per month.

NFL Mobile

Keeping up with the latest NFL news isn’t always easy on days when multiple teams play against each other. NFL Mobile gives you real-time updates about draft picks, trades, and scores.

With this app, you don’t have to spend all Sunday watching TV to know the latest info about your favorite players and teams. NFL Mobile also plays highlight videos so you get to watch the action when you can’t watch the games in person or on television. Pick up your mobile device when you have spare time and catch up on all the news and big plays.


Twitter has become one of the most convenient ways to stay updated on all kinds of news, including football. You get much more than highlight reels and official NFL statements. Many players post tweets about themselves and their teams. When you follow your favorite players, you get an insider’s look into their world. You can also follow professional sports writers who get paid to know much more about football than the average fans know.

Some of the best Twitter accounts for football fans to follow include @MatthewBerryTMR (for fantasy football insights), @billbarnwell (for in-depth analysis and witty remarks), and @jon_bois (for hilarious jokes during games).

Whether you like hosting parties outside of your city's NFL football stadium, sitting down to watch games in the comfort of your home's living room, or playing fantasy football with friends, the apps listed above will give you an advantage that makes everything about football more enjoyable.

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