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Could You Be Using Your Spare Time More Effectively?

by Editor (editor) , December 05, 2016

Here are a few ways to boost your income just by doing things in the time you have.

Time. It’s something we don’t seem to have enough of, but yet many of us still get time to watch television or enjoy pastimes and hobbies. So could we be using this time more effectively? The answer is yes we could. Let’s face it, at this point of the year especially there is much focus on our current financial situations. With gifts to buy, a festive feast to cater for, more money is being spent than would normally be and some of us can suffer the consequences. That might be increasing debt because more stuff is going on the credit card, or just getting ourselves into a bit of a financial mess. Then you break down, you make a new year resolution to change things but low and behold the year after you are in the same situation. Sound familiar? It all boils down to utilizing the time we do have more efficiently. With that in mind, here are a few ways to boost your income just by doing things in the time you have.



Investing in the stock market to boost your savings

The stock market can often be perceived as a scary place to invest your money. Assumed that only financial experts or people with degrees in economics have the knowledge to make the right trades that are profitable. But the truth is, anyone can invest in the stock market. Thanks to online software systems like the orion code you could be to. These software systems are automated, meaning they do all the analyzing of the market for you and make the trades automatically. It’s never a guaranteed money maker, but it could be worth a try.



Starting an online business or blog to increase your monthly income

Perhaps you already have a blog but don’t monetize it, or you are talented in a particular field or creating certain products, but yet you don’t sell it. Why wouldn't you? Earning money from home is much easier these days with the increased power of social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Using your blog to include affiliate links on items you already love and was going to write about anyway, why wouldn’t you? Taking advantage of already existing selling platforms like Etsy or eBay, why wouldn't you? These are all ways of earning extra income while doing something you like.

Using smartphone apps to make money while you watch TV

There are some smartphone applications available now that will allow you to earn an income while you are doing something else like watching TV. Filling out surveys on your phone or using cash back apps for when you shop are easy ways to earn a little bit extra.



Analyzing your current financial situation to make savings where possible

Finally, when was the last time you gave your bank account an overhaul. I guarantee you will have rogue payments for things like gym memberships, for example, that you shouldn’t be paying out for. Often checking your bank account can create a bit of extra income each month. Even just changing providers for things like your energy or internet connection could provide instant savings.

I hope this has provided you with some motivation to use your time more effectively.

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