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Are our inventors of new propulsion hamstrung? RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, December 04, 2016



Ever since foot slog dreary turned to horsepower and in turn turned a crank full of explosive horsepower, foolish though cunning fuel protective monoliths have made sure any new 'you beaut' propulsion system remains 'killed.' Paid off. Either money paid and or after the fact, inventors of new sources of power have simply disappeared. A lot buried, along with their invention.

Indeed fossil fuel fanatics seek to keep the good oil flowing and alternative slowing...till it vanishes in the mist of dime. Or rather,many dimes. No need to delve into alternative means of propulsion because the net will alert to days gone bye bye in lieu of the rampant stomp of the ubiquitous petrol stations brandishing/thrusting their steel fuel nozzles at greedy imploring fuel gulping tanks.

Electric is still only as quiet as the cars themselves. Just a slight whirr on the petroleum landscape. Which brings me to my main thrust.

If, as reported is true, area 55 being the place purportedly where scientists questioned out-of-this-world Alien motivation from super fast metallic hands- free discs possibly thought controlled and faster than a speeding President laying a Dakota pipeline-what really went on between knowledgeable elite scientists and propulsion engineers in that they simply were not able to grasp the Alien concept of limitless speed?

Were the scientists warned off by big fuel brother existing? If the technology came into being would it have severely upset the money vacuum cleaner gobbling up hard to get at without destruction it seems nowadays? New gashes intruding in the earth's crust with clawing never ceasing urgency? Were the Aliens paid off as in buried alongside their knowledge,or with it? Assuming the meeting did take place? Or just a hoax? N.A.S.A is apparently bank rolling and supporting a new inventor's dream 'engine.' Dream or nightmare for the inventor? Will hydrogen remain too in the yawn domain due to perceived or invented intrusive problems? Or will all be revealed and brought to the fore when the sands of time and dime finally cry out "enough!" Until then if i discovered or invented a radical new propulsion to save the earth from dig, i'd be taking out life insurance against the age old fossils running and controlling the fuelish...or perhaps one day...the fuel less planet we all scurry across with rotational oily verve. After of course dancing to the petro twist. And i'd be putting extra locks on that disc you've been developing that makes Superman look positively arthritic. Actually not a lot of inventive dedicated people faster than a speeding bullet...or warning that a craft fast and its inventor could be grounded and under the gun so to speak if you get my drift. Perhaps i'm just paranoid. Can paranoia be used as an alternative fuel source? Or would you rather vote on it? Naah...fuelish thought. :>)

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