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How Often Should You Get Wellness Checkups?

by Aldys Smith (writer), , October 22, 2016

When it comes to health and wellbeing there is so much information out there that it can be difficult to know what counts as good advice and which suggestions are better ignored.

When it comes to health and wellbeing there is so much information out there that it can be difficult to know what counts as good advice and which suggestions are better ignored.

One of the most confusing areas of health and wellness is your relationship with your doctor or healthcare practitioner. Should you make an appointment as soon as you feel ill, or wait until you feel terrible? And just how often do you need to go for those all-important checkups?

A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is fairly simple. Apart from regular exercise, you need to try to eat healthily by making sure you avoid sugars and excess fat and that you drink plenty of fresh water.

But in today’s busy world, taking care of yourself the natural way might not be enough.

With medicine-resistant illnesses and viruses everywhere, you need to build up and support your immune system as much as possible. This probably means adding a range of supplements and vitamins to your daily meal intake.

But even the most dedicated, healthy person will be overcome by sickness at some point. Thankfully, a lot of unwanted conditions can be avoided with regular scheduled checkups.

How Much is Enough?

Every field of good health has different guidelines about how often you should schedule general checkups. Think of your body as a car. Certain parts of the engine can go without a service for years, while others tend to wear down quite quickly.

Your body is the same. While you probably need to see your dentist once a year if your teeth are in good condition, it’s worth visiting your GP every 6 months – and you can double that if you are older.

It can be quite difficult to keep track, but luckily your doctor will be able to tell you exactly when they need to see you again. You will probably notice that these scheduled visits become more frequent as you get older, but that’s completely normal. Keep to these appointments and you should be able to avoid serious health problems.

Health is Holistic

One or two annual wellness checkups is generally enough for the average person, but it’s a mistake to think that visiting your doctor a couple of times a year is going to keep you healthy.

Health is holistic, and as skilled as your doctor is, they cannot fight for your health alone. Apart from your own responsibility to look after your body, it’s worth visiting specialists in other medical areas.

Your spiritual, emotional, and sexual health is just as important as your physical health. Although treating emotional or psychological problems can be difficult, keeping yourself well on all fronts is possible if you build relationships with healthcare practitioners who go beyond treating ordinary sickness.

Remember that you have nothing to be embarrassed about. If you feel the need, get help. The old cliché is true – prevention beats cure. And remember that nothing heals instantly. Stay committed, schedule regular follow-up appointments and get into the habit of thinking about your health as an ongoing process.

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