Did You Know These Things Can Boost Office Productivity?

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When running a business, you’ll always want to improve how well it runs. Part of this is hiring and training the best employees. Excellent marketing and promotion also make a difference. But did you know making some simple changes to your workplace can boost productivity?

There are many studies out there showing how your work environment can have an impact on employee productivity. Here are a few things that can boost workplace productivity you may not have known about.

Your Furniture

The furniture in your office can have a significant impact on workplace productivity. Employees who have to sit in uncomfortable chairs all day will naturally be less focused. Sitting down for extended periods of time can also cause a decrease in blood flow. It can often result in workers feeling lethargic.

To boost productivity, you may want to give your office a redesign. There are many sites such as Arnold’s Office Furniture which can help you equip your workplace. Companies like these usually offer discounts for buying in bulk, so you can kit out your entire office.

Ergonomic chairs and standing desks have been shown to have an impact on employee productivity. They can also help your workers keep healthy. Overall, it’s a worthy investment for improving your workplace.


You might be thinking that giving your employees more work will make them more productive. But it turns out this may actually have the opposite effect.

It turns out that 68% of US employees believe they are overloaded with work. Workers suffering from work overload also find it to have a detrimental effect on their productivity. When they have too many tasks to complete, they’ll feel much less motivated. Additionally, the work they do produce will be of a lower quality.

It’s important to ensure that your employees aren’t working more than they need to. Make sure you split out work amongst your workers, so none are doing too much. If you have more work that needs doing, you might need to hire more people. Many employees also believe that a more flexible schedule would make them more productive.

Wearable Tech

One of the newest developments in smart technology is wearable tech. Things like smartwatches and fitness bands are becoming a popular consumer gadget. But this isn’t the only use for them. In fact, it’s been shown that wearable tech can make employees happier and more productive

One study found that employees with wearable tech became 8.5% more productive. Companies have found many ways to use smart technology to make work tasks easier. For instance, information can be recorded with wearable tech, reducing the need to write things down. They can also help with employee wellness by monitoring fatigue.

It’s a useful addition that can also make a workplace more fun.


When you’re decorating the office, you may want to consider adding some flowers. After all, evidence suggests they can improve productivity in numerous ways.

The most obvious benefit is they can make an office look brighter and smell nicer. But research also shows that reduce anxiety, improve memory and boost creativity. It’s a simple and cheap addition to any office that can have a positive influence on your employees.