Ten Features That are Must for Any App Worth Their Salt

These days there are so many apps for various things on the market. One of the reasons for this is that it is becoming increasingly easy to make your own apps. However, not all apps are made equal. Some are much better than others. When you are looking for a new app for a certain purpose you should be a discerning user and compare apps to make sure you are choosing the best one. There are certain features that are hallmarks of good apps, and as such are things that will signal that you have a good app on your hands.


Your apps needs to be compatible with both major operating systems used today, Android and iOS. Only catering to one of the operating systems means that you will lose out on potential users. Also, you should be aware the many different devices make use of an Android OS, and as such your app should be usable on all of them.


It is often the case that less is more. When it comes to an app, of course presentation is important, but you need to have an app that is simple to use. Take the latest online bingo games app, Fab Bingo as an example. They have managed to perfectly balance aesthetics and simplicity, making it a breeze for users to learn to use.

3)Reward sharing

A good app is an app that will continue to market itself continuously. Your app should encourage and reward being shared. Take Uber as an example; they give users free riding credit if they share the app with their friends (who subsequently create an account and use the app too)

4)Priced right

Your app needs to be appropriately priced, people are drawn to cheaper options so you need to make sure that your competitors are not priced better than you are.

5)Feedback function

A good app has to have a system whereby users can communicate with you and give your feedback on your app. This is useful as it will help you identify what aspects are appreciated, and which aspects are buggy or not liked.


People like apps that allow for personal customization. So make sure that your app allows people some degree of choice. This can be in the form of font size or color. But most importantly, if relevant, there should be security and privacy settings that the user can adjust personally.


Your app has to be user-friendly. This is so important. If users are finding it difficult to navigate your complicated app, chances are that they will look for a simpler app that serves the same function.

8)Social media login

By allowing a social media login to your app, usually through Google or Facebook, you make the users’ experience simple from the get go. It is one less password to remember, and it save them time when creating their account.

9)Be tap conscious

You need to make sure that your sign up process is as simple as possible by asking for as little information as you can. Every tap the user has to make, adds to the length of having to make an account. Make it easy, simple and achievable in as few taps as possible.


Gamification is a great way to keep your users using your app. People love the incentives provided through this strategy, and are more willing to be loyal to your app, as a result.