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Green Roofs: The Urban Gardens of the Future

by Anna D (writer), , October 13, 2016

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The availability of some of the most critical resources such as healthy food and clean drinking water keeps reducing. Finding solutions to these impending problems should be a priority for everyone.

It is a known fact that the world’s population is growing at an exponential rate, a tendency predicted to continue. Unfortunately, the availability of some of the most critical resources such as healthy food and clean drinking water keeps reducing. Finding solutions to these impending problems should be a priority for everyone.

Boosting agricultural production is sure to curb the possibility of world hunger. Unfortunately, our modern environments feature minimal room for gardening, particularly ground space, due to rapid urbanization. As dire as the agricultural difficulties we face today can be, solutions do exist. One such solution is urban agriculture through techniques such as rooftop gardening.

If you want to start your own green roof garden, listed below are a few things that you should take into consideration:


Your first and foremost concern should be to ensure your garden is safe. Ensuring safety involves much more than protecting whoever goes onto the roof from falling off. You also have to make sure passersby are protected from falling objects since roofs are usually quite windy. As such, you must securely tie down all your equipment and install windbreakers or fencing. However, consulting your local building department for any permits or regulations that might be necessary is important.


Wet soil is usually heavy, and it is bound to get a lot heavier with a foot of snow on top of it. As such, you need to figure out your roof’s sustainable weight. As such, it is vital that you ensure your roof provides sufficient support. Placing potted plants in the areas of your roof lacking sufficient strength to withstand heavy loads is risking structural damage, which can lead to injury or even death. In most cases, you may have to use a planting medium in place of soil. However, consulting a green roof gardening specialist whenever you are not sure about proper installation techniques is advisable.


The most suitable containers for green roof gardening are those that are not only lightweight but also allow drainage. Your container of choice should sit flat on the roof to maximize your energy benefits. Lining your containers with a fabric weed block ensures the roots of whatever you plant do not burrow into the membrane of your roof.

Planting plan

Determine the most viable planting scheme depending on probable conditions of your green garden such as the amount of natural light, wind, and humidity. The planting plan should include plants that are more likely to work under such conditions. Acquire the necessary furniture and containers for your roof garden, keeping in mind their sizes depend on the kind of plants you intend to include. Plan a proper integration for these fixtures.


Watering on a daily basis will be necessary during the hot months, which means coming up with an effective way to water your rooftop garden is important. A water storage system and an automatic irrigation system are some of the most efficient watering solutions. You can, however, attach a garden hose to drip lines and a timer after running it up the side of your building. Depending on your roof access, you can manually ferry water to your green garden. Regardless of mode, a constant supply of water is necessary. It will also allow you to go a few days at a time without having to worry about your plants dying.


Part of what you can plant on your roof depends on the possible weight load. In addition, not everything does as well on rooftops as they do on the ground. Fruits, vegetables, perennial flowers, and succulents are some of the most viable options for green roof gardening. However, you can always try anything, else except any plant that can grow to great heights, as long as you bear the total weight in mind. Fortunately, there are many places to buy flower bulbs online that can help select the right type of plants and flowers if you're stuck.


As human beings, using our brains and being creative is how we adapt to whatever nature throws our way, which is why we are the most successful animals on Earth. The creation and establishment of green roof gardening is an adaptive trait, a fight against impending global hunger. A fight the human race must win or face extinction. Let us begin the fight now since the earlier we start, the better for us all.

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