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The Challenges Every New Entrepreneur Must Face

by Editor (editor), , October 11, 2016

Here are some of the challenges every new entrepreneur faces.

Ask anyone who’s owned a successful business, and they’ll tell you that it didn’t come easily. There are all kinds of challenges and obstacles that can stand in the way of an entrepreneur looking to make their ideas a reality. While some depend on the industry, there are certain other difficulties which are pretty much universal. Here are some of the challenges every new entrepreneur faces.

Perhaps the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur comes long before the business actually exists. I’m talking about that first, monolithic hurdle of leaving your career to pursue your business. Sure, you might be able to manage a business in its earliest stages on the side. However, if you want it to grow into anything substantial, you can’t hope to keep up a career at the same time as a business. If you’re holding down a steady career that’s full of opportunity, then it can take a huge amount of courage and resolve to hand in your notice. Even if you hate your job, giving up the promise of a steady paycheque can be a tough move! Unfortunately, there’s no easy way around it, and hopeful business owners will simply have to deal with it head-on.

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Another challenging aspect of being a business owner is having to deal with all the big question marks that comes with it. Through the course of your career, you’ve probably found out a lot about the way a business works. However, when you start your own business you’ll quickly find that you’ve still got a lot to learn. There’ll be things to understand about buying from foreign suppliers, employment law, patents, and all kinds of other little technicalities. There are journals and resources out there such as Inventhelp which can make these things easier to understand, but not quite child’s play. Aside from that, there are all kinds of unknown factors such as how long your business will be around, how receptive your customers will be to your products or services, how your profit margins are going to fluctuate. Managing a business is wrought with uncertainty and volatility, which is something that every entrepreneur will have to tackle.

Finally, one of the most challenging obstacles to being a successful business owner is constantly being the visionary. When you’re the founder of a start-up, you’re going to be expected to come up with a lot of the ideas. It’s up to you to make sure your brand stands apart from the others. When competitors spring up, it’s down to you to come up with a response. When your workforce hits an insurmountable obstacle, it’s your job to think of an alternative plan of action. These kinds of responsibilities mean that you’ll need to be fairly creative and quick in your thinking. Furthermore, because everyone will be looking to you as the single visionary of the company, your position can start to feel very lonely very quickly. Mix this with the frantic pace of a business, and many people will find that they’re simply not cut out to be business owners.

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