How Understanding Game Engine can help educate your children

A creative solution to studying through the use of RPG game platforms

When you take a look at society and what motivates the younger generations, there is little room for doubt that the technology, especially where it relates to augmented reality and to role playing games, is at the forefront. Such games as Pokemon Go have had over 3 million downloads since its release. And while there is no educational value to chasing around the spawing balls of Pokemon, experts, such as scientific American, parenting science, and the nobel-prize educational sector have noted that brain games are beneficial to learning and retaining what has been learned. Keeping this in mind as well as acknowledging the trends within the gaming industry, parents who have an understanding of the common gaming engines can utilize the free game platforms to create innovative and interactive learning experiences for their children catered to the content that the child needs to learn. Here is how.

Find a programmer who can mimic existing game selections

3D game creation is a growing and popular means of entertainment. The parent who is trying to find a new way in which to engage their child in learning can use the services of a 3d Programmer to create a customized 3D RPG or FPS game. As many of these game are similar in nature, the 3d artist and the programmer can rely upon prebuilt material to quickly mimic and render games which have subtle educational content.

Even games which have shown to be primarily thought based have had popularity. The escape the room series has been quite effective in causing users to think creatively. Find the hidden object 3D games have been effective in encouraging users to look for the details in things, and games such as Minecraft have sparked a level of engineering and design among individuals.

Simple games

Unity based games can quickly create educational content based upon the existing games which are in high demand. To see this one has only to look at the number of mimicked games which came out after flappy birds. For the person with game engine knowledge, he or she could create a flappy bird game in which the user must acquire prime numbers, geometric shapes, or certain colors. The limitations to the design are only as limited as the imagination.

Character animation scenes and interactive puzzles

If you have a first person shooter game created in Unreal Engine or in Cry Engine (which are the topmost engines used for game creation), then the character has animation triggers added to the game to relate educational data. For example, say that you create a level design within Unreal Editor and that you have a premade 3D character loaded into the game engine. The character still has the running and shooting which appeals to the FPS, but you can have it programmed to where at certain stages of the game puzzles and learning material must be answered. The character could walk into a laboratory and need to use the periodic table to create a certain combination for a potion, there could be a fill in the blank test of questions to do upgrades, or a put this in chronological order before time runs out segment to the game.

Because the game engines have the ability to load separate levels and animations within the game, customization of certain existing games may be possible. Games which cannot be customized due to copyrights and access restrictions can be recreated to an effect (especially in Unreal) and have such programed in.

Have them build it

Game development has become a bit more intuitive in recent years. Yet, there is still a great deal of math, coding, and creative thinking which goes into the process. As a number of the game platforms are free and there are a great deal of books on how to program, model, and integrate various characters, speech, puzzles, etc. into the game, the only thing which remains is the drive to create, which for a gamer is typically not a problem.

Never underestimate the rewards system

Where it is not advised to cave into letting a child play hours upon hours of video games, there can be a means to an end in using the video games to study. This falls within the rewards or the cause and effect of studying. This methodology of presenting a reward for hard work is especially effective in older children who may not be as receptive to playing a “study game” as a younger audience may.

Being that nearly every game which is on the market has some form of upgrades, buy ins, or content integration available, parents of a child who is a gamer can use this to their advantage. Set achievement goals for your child and once the goals are reached allow for the child to have the upgrade to the game. It gives something to aim for.