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Moral Stories: Aiding to shape a Child’s Character

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Short moral stories for kids

Children always have the tendency to learn from their surroundings. The stories they hear have a great deal of impact on them and help to shape their character.

Children tend to have an intrinsic love for stories. 3 to 10 years are considered the peak age groups, during when a child can explore the world, and this can be best done through stories. Small kids always have a tendency to imagine and in this process of imagination they learn the realities of life. Moral stories are the ones at the end of which a child learns a valuable lesson on life.

Advantages of Moral Stories:

    ·It should be understood that children need to develop certain habits in order to survive in a society. Moral stories actually help a child to develop virtues such as honesty, gentleness, politeness, helpfulness and many more.

    ·Moral stories are needed to enhance a child’s imagination along with improving their cultural literacy.

    ·Short moral stories for kids help them so that they can distinguish between right and wrong.

Top three short moral stories are as follows:

    1.The Peacock and the Crane: This short story has two main characters- the peacock and the crane. The peacock was too proud of his beauty. He always had the tendency of looking down upon others. Once he told a crane that his feathers were too ordinary. The peacock showed off his colorful feathers and boasted about his beauty. The crane however replied that though his feathers were not beautiful enough, they had the capability of carrying him to farm lands. The peacock then realized that though his feathers were attractive, it really do not serve him. The lesson this story teaches children is: Mere beauty is of no use.

    2.The Crooked Tree- This story is about a crooked tree, which was very sad about his ugly shape and twisted branches. It always felt inferior in front of the other straight and tall trees of the forest. Once a woodcutter came into the forest, in order to cut trees. He naturally chose all the straight trees but left the crooked one, thinking it to be of no use. The crooked tree felt happy of its bent branches, which saved its life. Thus, the crooked tree realized that being different from others was not a harm for him. The lesson this story teaches children are: Sometimes being different can be useful.

    3. The Loyal Mongoose- This story depicts the household of a farmer, who had a pet mongoose. The mongoose was very loyal and acted as the companion to the little son of the farmer. Once there was no one at home except the little boy and the mongoose. A deadly snake came and tried to attack the little boy. The mongoose killed the snake and saved the little boy. However seeing blood on the mongoose’s face, the farmer thought that the mongoose ate his son. He took a big stick and gave heavy blows to the poor mongoose. As he went home, he found the boy to be safe and greatly regretted his act. The lesson taught in this story is: Look before you leap.

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