What To Expect From Your First Skiing Vacation

Lots of people go skiing every single year. They rave about the slopes they’ve tackled and talk endlessly about their ‘amazing’ instructor. If you’ve never skied, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. If you’re considering a winter vacation but you’ve never tried skiing, it should certainly be on the list of choices. It’s certainly quite different from a regular summer or beach vacation!

Yes, it can be quite cold. But there are some very warm ski jackets, gloves and hats you can wear. Look for skiwear that offers an extra layer of warmth if you have never skied before. Beginners tend not to move around quite as much as those that spend the day up and down the slopes. Warmer attire will prevent your fun vacation turning into a cold misery. You should also double check your travel insurance covers the skiing or snowboarding activities you want to do. Some sports may not be on your policy.

Accommodation is part of the fun of skiing. Many of the big resorts will have a wide range of accommodation choices. You can stay in a nearby apartment, or make the most of a cabin. You could have a look at the Snowmass rentals to get an idea of what you can expect. Some people like to choose accommodation near to the other facilities. You might find boutique stores, restaurants, children’s play centers, or spas.

Skiing is quite tough on your thighs. It’s worth doing a few pre-ski exercises before you leave for your vacation. Those with knee problems may also want to consider knee supports. The position to adopt for skiing is typically bent-kneed. The feet are fixed into the skis so there will be limited movement here to maintain your balance. Practice leaning a little from side to side to develop the balance and strength needed for skiing.

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You don’t need to pack a lot of skiing equipment when you go on a skiing vacation. Most of what you need, including the skis, can be hired when you get there. You might prefer to buy your own boots and skiwear, though. Poles are an essential part of skiing. These will also need to be hired. There may be additional charges for slope access and lifts too. Consider your budget carefully before you head off. Alternatively, look for all-inclusive packages.

When you book for some beginner classes, you will have a chance to meet other people just starting out. Skiing vacations can be quite social! You may even choose to share accommodation to cut the cost of the vacation. This gives you an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy lots of different activities together. If you’re traveling with a friend, why not select more private accommodation? The choices are yours.

After your first day on the slopes, you may find your face is a little sun-burned or ‘snow burned’. This redness will fade, but it’s worth considering protection for your skin. Your legs may be achy, so make use of any hot tubs. A comprehensive warm-up, cool down, and stretching will help prevent you from pulling muscles as you ski. Have fun on the slopes!