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Clever Ways Businesses Are Becoming More Secure

by Editor (editor) , September 05, 2016

Find top three ways to ensure a company stays secure, which are ready for you to see here:

The modern business world presents so many positives and negatives. One of the negatives is that more companies are at threat. Technology allows people to try and gain access to sensitive information that businesses want to keep private.

As such, measures need to be taken to ensure a company stays secure. And, there are multiple ways businesses are doing this. I’ve picked out the top three, which are ready for you to see here:

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Biometric Scanners

In this day and age, biometric scanning is a common thing. There were times when this technology seemed like it was never going to be readily available. Now, every business can make great use of it. For those that don’t know, I’m talking about technology that scans part of your body. You’re probably most familiar with fingerprint and palm recognition. Well, along with this, there’s also facial recognition and retina scanning. The purpose is to beef up security measures in a company. You can use this instead of a generic keypad door lock. Or, it can be setup, so you need facial recognition to access a computer. Either way, it’s fantastic for ensuring a business is safer than before.

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Data Storage Devices

Data storage is a huge security concern for every business. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to have all their private information stolen from them. So, companies are coming up with ways to secure their data. And, one of these ideas is moving it onto storage devices. It’s easier for someone to hack into your computer network than it is for them to get their hands on a storage device. As seen here there are many devices available. And, they’re small enough to clip to your keys or hide inside your breast pocket. It means you keep your data safe, and your business becomes more secure too.


Friendly Hackers

Usually, the term ‘hacker’ is associated with bad things. I’ve already spoken about people trying to hack into your computer network to gain information. But, there is a way for hacking to be a good thing. Many businesses are using friendly hackers to help them create a more secure network. Just look at this article as an example A huge company like Uber is paying friendly hackers to hack into their network. Why? Because it helps them find any bugs and breaches in the system. If a friendly hacker identifies a bug, they can notify Uber, and get it ironed out. As a result, there are fewer bugs in the system, making it harder for bad hackers to get in. In essence, you’re fighting fire with fire. If someone wants to hack your network, get a friendly hacker to make their job harder.

Taking care of business security is a massive issue. If your company isn’t secure, then you’re playing a risky game. It’s a bit like leaving your front door unlocked at home. You’re making it easier for people to break in because you have no security in place. A secure business is a safer business. And, a safe business doesn’t have to worry about external threats.

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