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The Four Golden Rules of Essay Writing

by Stuartclocks (writer), , September 05, 2016

According to the University of Essex, understanding what is needed of you is the single most important rule into churning out top-notch academic work.

Academic writing is a wholly different niche altogether. It is that style of writing required in Higher Education, and thus must be formal and objective.

They include the following.

1.Understand what it entails

According to the University of Essex, understanding what is needed of you is the single most important rule into churning out top-notch academic work. Analyse the question by looking at it in its right view to understand it and give it its most appropriate solution. Analyzing encompasses breaking it down into smaller, comprehensible, and manageable sections. Keywords carry immense weight and must be identified, understood, and solved.

2.Plan Your Work

As aforementioned, several rules that must be adhered to govern academic writing and they are just the right ingredients for impeccable work. Akin to the process of writing, planning is highly important and can define how much you will score. Structure your work according to academic writing, jot down your ideas in a seamless manner to create a mind map. As a plus, remember that academic writing is an outward sign of what is you learnt after a given course.

3.Develop the Correct Writing Style

Your command of English should not be debatable albeit you will enhance your writing style as you grow along the way. Academic writing is devoid of those informal, redundant and colloquial statements. Instead, it contains correctly placed paragraphs, appropriate acronyms, the right tones, and, of course, punctuation at the correct locations. You will learn about such factors as the tone, mood, formatting, and word length along the way. You must remember that developing the correct writing style is as important as the entire assignment.

4.Proofread To Eliminate the Unnecessary

When all is said and done, the difference between the top quality and run-off content is the petty grammar, syntax, diction, and spelling mistakes. Adopt the habit of proofreading your work prior to submission. According to experienced academicians, a comprehensively done proofreading procedure involves the following.

·Proofreading your work some hours after completion

·Reading it louder with a dictionary within reach

·Using your finger as you read along as it will enhance the whole procedure and uncover any hidden errors therein.

·Asking a friend or a colleague to do it for you

·Beware of blanket statements, incorrect punctuation, sentence structuring, as well as wordiness

·Check your font size and paragraphing


It is utterly right to allude that writing almost all types of academic prospects can be a daunting procedure. For a student, creating meticulous and refined work is never an option. In fact, nobody will ever mention these golden rules to you albeit their significance will not pass unnoticed. If you can have a quick glance at Essay Writing, there is a wealth of information concerning this particular subject. However, for impeccability, several rules ought to be followed to the latter.

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