Find The Best Makeup Trends of The Season

This season there is a wide array of fabulous makeup trends for you to try. Whether you're looking for something bold and eye-catching for sultry and sophisticated, there are plenty of studying styles to choose from this season. Here's a list of best makeup trend of summer.

  • False freckles

This unusual makeup trend is usually retrieved with different color foundations or makeups.

  • Thick lashes

Faux lashes have been a makeup staple for many years now, but this season they're getting a thick update. For a dramatic look pairs your thick lashes with thin brows.

  • Hazelnut colored lipstick

This vibrant, warm lip color is the perfect Trend to transition from summer to fall.

  • Statement lips paired with minimalist look the juxtaposition of a bright statement lip with natural, minimalist makeup is the perfect way to make a statement this season.
  • Elegant gold eyeshadow

Whether you opt for a light champagne color or creamy, 14 Carrot look, shadow gold shades are all the rage this season.

  • Metallic Smokey eyes

This season the classic smoky eye is getting a modern update with eye-catching metallic colors.

  • White eyeliner

White liner pair’s best with all your sixties and seventies inspired outfits.

  • Sunset eyeshadow

Sunset eyeshadow is the perfect complement to any sun-kissed makeup look.

  • Camel colored makeup

This stunning natural look is understated and pairs with a number of fashion trends.

  • Black cherry lips

Lip color is the perfect accent to any evening look.

  • Jewel tone eyeliner and mascara

Wearing jewel-toned liners and mascaras is an excellent way to add an element of chic sophistication to any look.

  • Red Matte lipstick

Red matte finish lipstick seamlessly transitions from day to night and compliments a number of styles.

  • Green mascara

This little pop of color adds a big sense of style makeup look.

  • Violet lips and eyeshadows

This vibrant color pairs well with all of your summer ensembles.

Now that you know some of the best makeup trends for this season you should try all of these looks out this summer. And to find makeup to create these looks and much more visit Groupon’s page for bloomingdales.