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Job Seekers: Land the Perfect Job with These Unconventional

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Landing the perfect job isn’t always easy, especially if you are up against a huge amount of competition. While you can always follow the traditional rules such as arrive for your interview early...

While you can always follow the traditional rules such as arrive for your interview early, greet your interviewer with a warm handshake, research the company and express interest during the interview and so many other tips, these are the tips everyone else is using too. Why not use some of these unconventional tips that are sure to set you apart from the ordinary applicant. Remember, most employers are looking for the top talent and what better way to catch their attention than with a novel approach?

It Isn’t Always What You Already Love
Too many times you are being told to apply for jobs that fall within the realm of your passion. So many times those who stayed in their jobs for many years say that they had no intention of doing what they are doing for an occupation but somehow landed the job in this department and ended up loving it. Yes, if you can follow your passion it’s great, but why not leave the door open to possibilities? Sometimes fate puts you in a job that you will be even happier with than when left to pursue your current passion 9 to 5.

Design a Resume that Leaves a Lasting Impression
Yes, your resume should follow standard format but what would happen, do you think, if you printed your resume on paper with an unusual watermark on the paper. You can use full color or black and white, but the important thing to remember is that ‘every picture is worth a thousand words’ so find something eye-catching and suitable but set way back in the background like a true watermark.

Find Odd Ways to Leave Contact Info
Also, your contact information is something you should pay serious attention to. Most people leave a standard ‘leave a message and I’ll call you back’ on their machines or cell phones but you could be a little creative in your greeting. Be warm and professional but use a greeting that is artistic. You may want to have a professional PR person write it for you. That is one missed call that could change the course of your life. So you are without a job at the moment and don’t have a cell phone? If you have children and are on government benefits like Medicaid, you can qualify for a free smartphone. That prospective employer will never know it’s a government issued phone. Click here for more information on how to apply for a government paid smartphone.

The whole point is to approach your application with something extra, something that will make you stand out in a sea of applicants. From an artistically designed resume to a creative greeting on your answering machine, there are things you can do that will surely leave in indelible mark on the interviewer’s mind. You can certainly follow convention but always with that extra something that is uniquely ‘you.’ That is what will land you that perfect job every time.

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