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Three Timeless Themes for Your Child’s Birthday Bash

by simonhopes (writer), , August 26, 2016

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Your Child’s Birthday Bash

Organizing a birthday bash for your child is harder than it appears. You don’t just need a time, a place, and enough food for everyone.

For a party to be memorable, you want everyone to be entertained from start to end.

To achieve this, you want to tap into your young guests’ wild imaginations. And a themed birthday party is just one of the most effective ways to achieve this. To help you out, here are three timeless themes for an unforgettable kid’s party:

1. Prince/Princess Theme

You can thank Walt Disney for this theme’s popularity.Thanks to hit films like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and even much later films like Frozen, most little girls dream of becoming a princess. And because of its popularity, you won’t have a hard time looking for appropriate props and decorations to make it happen.

And because it’s popular, you’ll probably have young guests who are more than willing to dress the part of young princes and princesses. But you can go further than encouraging costumes and creating fantastic props.

To further improve your young party-goers immersion, consider including a backdrop of a castle or a magical kingdom. If you’re going for a more indoor palatial look, then including some drapes will help your space look more like the inside of a castle. And if you have a daughter who’s a fan of Ariel the mermaid, then you can even go for an aquatic-themed princess party.

2. Zoo Theme

Other than a possible few exceptions, any child would love being around animals. Aside from drawing young guests to your event, having animals in your child’s party can also make for effective entertainment.

Unfortunately, you might need a larger budget to hire real handlers to bring actual animals for the kids. But there is something you can do to stick to the theme while cutting costs. Instead of getting real animals, you can ask for the children themselves to dress up like animals. And in case you’re hosting your party indoors, a jungle or forest-themed backdrop could help engross your guests even more.

3. Hawaiian Luau

In the heat of the summer, it might not be best to ask young children to dress up for a party. So instead of dressing up, you can ask everyone to dress down for a Hawaiian Luau. In addition to being comfortable for your guests, it’s also one of the least costly themes to prepare for. After all, parties like these are best held outdoors while under the sun.

For your guests, all they need is some floral leis, floral shirts and shorts for boys, plus grass skirts and bikinis tops for girls. You can also include some beach chairs, prop trees, and maybe some tiki torches. If you’ll need a stage for performances, you can also get a tropical beach-inspired backdrop for a truly Hawaiian vibe.

With a Luau-themed event, you have a fun way to celebrate birthdays even in the warm summer months.

Kids don’t stay as children forever. Before they grow out of their imaginative phase, it’s best to take advantage and throw them the best themed birthday parties that they can experience. If you’re having a hard time deciding, try to ask your child what he or she wants.

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