All Truth About Slots in Online Casinos

In our world, everything is influenced by scientific and technological progress and the electronic video slot market is not an exception. In this article you’ll find out probability of winning in online slots and percentage of payouts and the truths in regards to online slot games. Get ready to find out need to know information about the best online casinos and the most entertaining slots available here, you can also visit this link now to play UK slot games!

The first thing you should note is online casinos can configure slot machine payout as well as the jackpot sum! So, should we look for the "favorable" or "good" time to play or to fear the arrival of technicians? The casino can reprogram the machine - remove the board, flash the chip (replace tape reels - clean jackpots, etc.), check and put it back, same goes for the online slots, it can be simply reprogrammed by the administrators of the online casino.

First you should notice the differences between free slots and the ones for the real money. The main major difference is in the software of the program. Free slots are some sort of attraction to the gambler to catch his attention, you win there easily and without any losses. Sooner or later you’ll try to play in online casino for real money. But software for real money online casino is different, it has lower money return and makes your win sometimes almost impossible.

So is there any possible way to win money at slots in online casino?

Yes, it is possible. But every slot game has different algorithm. Some of them may be programmed to return winnings to each 100th player, others can give you jackpot randomly. So most likely it depends on pure luck. Every one of us have heard the stories about lucky persons who tried to play casino for the first time and had big jackpots, but be the realist and keep that in your mind- probability of winning is very low.

Although there are some tricks you can use to raise your winning chance in online slots.

You can take a Flash version of the online casino games (most of them provide one to try the game), and run it in parallel with analyzer of the TCP / IP packets - sniffer. At the beginning of the game the clear layout of the drums is transmitted, which is possible to read by sniffer. Thus, you can determine not only how many times each of the symbols dropped, but also a sequence of symbols on each reel.

Also by checking the packets, you can calculate payouts. I have not tried this method myself, but slots fans and mathematicians can try to get the working payout layouts as well as to predict reel symbols.

There are rumors in the web about software tool that works with most of the major online slots games. This tool can help you to predict the symbols as well as to calculate winnings including all of the possible bonuses. Although, in my opinion, it’s just a rumor.