7 Tips to Make Sure You Look Fantastic in Your Sundress

Certainly, the warmth and freshness this time of the year speak only of one thing – you have to pull out your sundress! After a long and cold season, you should finally let it be the curtain raiser for the summer. Forget dressing up to the nines, we will give you tips on how to wear your sundress to stand out but of course without asking you for the moon. Just a little more effort and you will amplify your style factor! So, whether you have unveiled it now or just bought it lately, sit back and grab the following tips:

1. Weather Compliant

Even though the warmth is here, temperature can fluctuate. Generally, seventy degrees or above is the guideline. However, if you don’t mind the cold (of which I doubt), do not be tied by the rule. A heavy jacket can make all the difference. Ensure you have it on during extreme cold weather. If it’s sunny, don’t forget sunglasses!

2. Color And Pattern

Without doubt, you want the color and pattern to stand out. Solid colors are befitting if you are mindful of a simple look. Otherwise, floral prints are very stylish. During audacious moments you can even go for animal prints and sequins – the options are uncountable! So, before you put it on, consider the occasion and what style you want to aim for today. Perhaps you would like to have a wider choice of sundresses to pick from in your closet? Try Neiman Marcus coupons from Discountrue.com – you will be able to buy plenty of them in good prices!

3. The Neckline

Tan lines on your skin can be discomforting. If you would like to avoid them, then a strapless sundress is just made for you. Many of us surely wouldn't mind getting rid of the uncomfortable bra from time to time, so if you're among those try a sundress with a halter top. It will not only give support to your breast, but also make you feel comfortable. There are many other styles of shoulder straps available too so don't be shy about trying them on until you find the perfect style for you!

4. Accessories

If you are thrilled by color and pattern, paint your nails as well, preferably so they match your chosen sundress’s color and pattern. Simply select a hue and grab a matching polish! To add more style, you may also put on some jewelry. Bangles and bracelets will always be a good combination with a sundress.

5. Pick Shoes Appropriately

As you might suspect, the style of shoes you choose is critical. With a sundress, you just want to look streamlined and light. This is why flats or ankle boots should be your pick. Make sure you don’t wear running shoes or any other type that will likely hamper your movement or posture. Remember to make sure they match the purse or handbag you are planning to carry, although it's not an absolute necessity.

6. Accompany It With A Classy Cardigan

Whether at your summer internship or job, a sundress will enable you to get out at the crack of dawn super-fast. However, in the position, you are mostly likely to interact with people and clients from all walks of life and it may be that not all of them will be impressed with your sun-kissed shoulders. So, in order to look professional, accompany your sundress with a light cardigan. You will still maintain the freshness and deliver at your work station at the same time.

7. Mind Your Hair

Whatever style you like for your hair, it’s all going to work. However, loose curls or fishtail braid are probably some of the best choices. As you walk, make sure you exude confidence and liveliness. A smile on your face coupled with a little bit of hair-tossing will show everybody how great you feel in your outfit!