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9 Must Have Things For Your Epic Golf Trip

Epic Golf Trip

Located in the picture perfect state of, Florida, Lake Jovita is a sprawling 1,054 acre upscale and beautifully-planned community that houses two golf courses apart from lush tennis lawns.

Most golfers flock to Florida to play golf, visit the state's theme parks, or to unwind on the white sandy beaches. The Sunshine State has so much to offer to golfers that planning a golf vacation may seem overwhelming sometimes. Tampa in Florida is one of the most coveted golf destinations in the US with its lush green courses, towering trees, sloping greens, pristine lakes, and resort-style accommodations. A golfer, however, must know what to include in an epic trip when heading for one of the golf courses in Tampa, Florida to make his stay convenient. For example, you cannot play golf in the rain sans your rain gloves. Again, borrowing golf balls, sunscreen lotion, insect repellents, tip money or the rulebook from other players means never-ending pestering or embarrassment. To make things simpler, here are the 10 most important things every golfer must have to make the stay and play experience more enjoyable.

1. Stain Sticks and Zip-top Bag

How would you feel if your favorite golf T-shirt is stained with barbecue sauce? Not nice, right? We have a quick fix. Carry a stain stick, which is the size of a ballpoint pen, to remove tough stains from setting in. Also bring a zip-top bag along when heading for a golf course, and save your expensive smartphone from the rains.

2. TSA PreCheck

Although golfing might be the star of your vacation itinerary, that doesn’t mean that you would give sightseeing a miss. Veteran players, especially those who like to visit the many theme parks in Florida, crave for the time-saving expediency of the TSA PreCheck. It helps them to skip the long queues at the rides. The TSA PreCheck is a convenient fast pass for travelers. At just $85, eligible travelers can enjoy expedited security screenings at airports, thus saving a lot of time and hassle. Go for it, as that's the best way to start your golf vacation.

3. A Rangefinder or GPS Device

If you are a higher-handicap golfer, a rangefinder or a GPS device is your best bet. It will help you figure out how far you're from a sand or a water hazard or the hole you are targeting. A rangefinder is ideal for experienced golfers because it offers maximum accuracy when it comes to finding a specific spot on a sweeping golf course. Whether it's a GPS device or a rangefinder, both save golfers a lot of time. If you have the device, you'll save time when it comes to walking yards of distance on the course. You keep moving to reach your desired spot on the course without getting lost on the way, zig-zagging or backtracking. A GPS device is also very lightweight, and you can easily carry it in your golf bag.

4. The Copy of the Rulebook

A golfer not carrying a copy of the golf rulebook is like cooking food without salt. When you are teeing off on a course away from your home, unexpected things can happen. Carrying the rulebook will help you play by the rules, and any possible altercation or dispute can be fast resolved.

5. Noise-reducing Headphones

If your ears can't bear the noise of the flight taking off, then a pair of noise-reducing earphones is a huge plus in an airplane. And, if you love practicing on the range or are fond of playing a solo round on the course, just plug your headphones into your ears to shut out the rest of the world.

6. Small Change

No matter where you go on a golf trip, you'll come across numerous people who earn their living based on tips from traveler golfers. Be it the resort housekeepers, cart girls, bellhops or cart barn guys, you need to tip them now and then during your stay. Keep small change with you to ensure that you get the best services from them. And, if you require the services of caddies, make it a point to have a lot of change with you.

7. Charger

An epic golf vacation means saying goodbye to work, and not using your laptop to check emails. A golf trip is a time away from office, and relaxing at the resort's upscale accommodations, taking a dip in the pool and dining with your family or friends. But we all need to stay connected with work. Though you are not doing a nine-hour shift, you must be in touch with your colleagues or boss. Keeping a cell phone charger will help you stay connected and not losing touch. If you have to drive a lot during your golf trip, it's better to keep your smartphone charged. It's best to keep a car charger handy that comes with a traditional plug. It will help you charge any device that you have – your laptop, phone, tablet or camera battery while traveling. How about a spare plug converter when traveling with a large golfing group?

8. Painkillers and Allergy Drugs

Are you a marathon golfer who likes to play multiple rounds of the game in a golf trip that lasts a fortnight? If so, you need to be a pill pusher, and carry a lot of medication to relieve your aching arms, muscles and feet. Bring more Motrin as almost all fellow golfers will be asking for these pain relievers. Again, golf courses have a lot of allergens like pollens from flowers, trees, shrubs or grasses. Carry allergy drugs with you if you do not want to ruin your stay on the course. There is no reason why you would allow sneezing or itchy skin ruin your trip.

9. Business Cards

You're unwinding at an epic golf trip. Great! But that doesn't imply that you'll forget your business cards at home. There is no harm in stuffing some of your business cards in your wallet. You never know who you end up chatting with while having a splash at the resort's pool or when playing tennis. You could meet a potential business partner. Remember that golf is a game that helps you make important contacts. Therefore, do not let go of an opportunity to impress a big shot in business.

Make your stay easy in a golf course in Tampa, Florida by including these golf essentials. You should never forget the obvious things like caps, sunglasses, clubs, balls, pants, or shorts. Keep the weather in mind and pack accordingly.

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