Backsplash Tile: Why You Should Have It

For the unsophisticated eye, you might think that a backsplash has no real benefits. It’s just, what, a material you choose to put on the walls of your kitchen or bathroom. Well, backsplash tiles are about so much more than that. Not only do they have a function, but they also have several different benefits. In this article, we will be talking about the main function of using this type of tile, some benefits of using them, and also what types of tiles are available.

Protection Over Your Walls

Whether you are using these in the kitchen or the bathroom one of the biggest functions is for it to act as a shield. In the bathroom, it can keep things like accidentally water splashes, toothpaste and other debris from getting on the walls – or even behind the cabinets. In the kitchen, it works the same way, usually placed behind the sink, behind the stove or even the fridge, this shield can protect your wall against grease and oil, dirt and dust, and most of! Not only will this make your walls look nicer for longer, but as mentioned with the bathroom, it can keep your walls healthy and keep them from getting damp. Damp walls can lead to all sorts of problems such as fungus growing (mold, mildew), but it can also make the drywall foundation soggy and that can lead to other stability issues!

Factors For using A Backsplashes

Not only can these little tiles keep your walls clean and damp free, but they are also very easy to install. A lot of the time if you have a very easy setup or a design you want to create, you can do this on your own and it will cost very little. Even if you have to hire someone to do it for you, it still doesn’t cost a lot of money.

These are also very easy to take care of, much easier to clean than a drywall wall or a wall that has paint on it. All it takes is a sponge with some warm water to get off any oils, food, debris and dust. These are really considered very hygienic because of the fact that they are easy to clean and most of the materials used are nonporous which means that the items getting splashed onto the tiles will stay on the surface.

Adding value to a room is also another big reason why people choose to use these tiles. Not only can it create a different look to a room, like paint can, but it can add something that paints can't; luxuriousness, class, appeal and more.

Decor and Style Options

Another HUGE benefit to using these tiles is that they can transform a room. It doesn’t matter what style your house is decorated in or what architectural details you have in your spaces; modern, traditional, eclectic, art deco, farmhouse, cottage country and more, you can find a way to coordinate backsplash tiles with your style. They are very user-friendly like that!

Materials, Colors, Patterns and More

Because of their appeal and the design and style options available, you would only assume (and be right) that these tiles come in all sorts of options. Here are just a few examples in each category, but thereare many more available:

Materials: These tiles can come in natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, even wood. Really any material you can think of can be made into a backsplash for your space!

Colors: The sky is literally the limit. For natural stone, you have every color of the rainbow like black, white, beige, rust orange, red, green, etc. For porcelain, ceramic and glass, again, any color you can think of from solid colors to different hues and more. Metal; copper, stainless steel, silver, brass, bronze. Wood; any type of stain you like can be used on these tiles.

Patterns: you can also find patterned tiles that will let you create monograms, you can create an entire wall that will make your kitchen have a Greek or Mediterranean appeal and more. Tons of options. Beyond just patterns, you can also find that some tiles, even ones you don’t expect, can be made into looking like other materials. Glass and porcelain, for instance, they can be textured to look like stone or wood. These are very versatile and customizable.

Sizes: Unlike floor tiles that come in both small, medium and large tiles, most of the time when you are looking at a backsplash tile you are going to see only smaller to medium sized tiles. Of course this doesn’t mean they cant be custom made, because they can be. The two most popular “sizes” are the little 3x3 tiles, 4x4 tiles, and then a slimmer 1-2 inch tile x4-5 inches.