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7 Tips to Get Motivated for Morning Workout

morning workout

We can get motivated to accomplish great things, but somehow exercising in the morning seems to be out of our reach.

“I’m going to work out the first thing in the morning.” How many times have you said this sentence to yourself only to wake up next morning and continue to sleep or “rescheduling” your workout for the next morning? We can get motivated to accomplish great things, but somehow exercising in the morning seems to be out of our reach.

Unfortunately, telling yourself you’ll exercise as soon as you wake up isn’t enough. There are many workout tips you can do to get motivated for morning workout and they are listed below.

1. Set multiple alarms, don’t keep phone close

The first thing you do when your alarm goes off is to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. However, the more you sleep, the sleepier you get. In turn, you feel exhausted to do anything and you refuse to exercise. This is one of the most common reasons why people rarely exercise early in the morning. To combat this problem, you should set multiple alarms (5 or 6) staring half an hour before you want to wake up. This will prevent you from hitting the snooze button and falling asleep.

Another useful thing you can do is to set the alarm and avoid keeping your phone close. Make sure your phone is out of the reach, so you have to get up to turn it off in the morning. In turn, you will already be wide awake and you won’t go to bed. Now, all you have to do is to get ready and exercise.

2. Prepare gym stuff the night before

To stop wasting time in the morning thinking what to wear to the gym (or jog etc.) and where to find it in your home, you should make sure you prepare everything you’ll need when you wake up. When you plan everything and take out all workout clothes you need from sports bra to trainers, you are more likely to follow your plan through.

3. Exercise with a friend

When you make a date and agree to meet your friend for early morning workout you are less likely to give up. Why? It’s because you don’t really want to cancel in the morning and leave your friend exercise alone. Plus, jogging, cycling, or exercising with a friend is an excellent bonding opportunity.

4. Join the nearest gym

Most people tend to be picky when they’re choosing the gym. They want it to be at a great location, to have special programs and other features besides workout machines. Yes, all of these are fine but when you find a gym like that across the down, the long commute isn’t worth it. Instead, to get motivated for early morning workout you should join the nearest gym. That way, you will avoid long drive, have more time to sleep, prepare for gym, exercise, and go to work.

5. Plan a reward

Think about what you like the most; it can be something for eat, clothes, shoes, gadgets or just about anything. Then, reward yourself with that thing you like. For example, promise yourself you will have a dinner at that pricy restaurant you like if you exercise in the morning for 2 weeks in a row. Your reward can be anything you’d like. It has a simple purpose – when you know your “treat” is on the way, you will get even more motivated to get up and exercise.

6. Go to bed early

The reason you feel reluctant to get up in the morning and exercise is because you’re tired. This tiredness is caused by sleeping problems. For example, you go to bed late at night which means waking up in the morning is a huge hassle. It’s needless to mention that tablets and phones or watching TV in bed keep you awake as well. Therefore, to get motivated for early workouts you should go to bed early and make sure you don’t use your phone or tablet. This way, you will get enough sleep and wake up energized.

7. Do something fun after work

When you give up of morning exercises you usually think “that’s okay, I will go to gym after work”, but since you’re tired you don’t do that either. To make sure you don’t use the free time after work as an excuse, you should plan to do something fun, or simply decide to visit someone so working out in the morning is the only option. You can meet a friend at a coffee shop, see a movie, visit your parents, or simply make after-work time your relaxing time when you read a book and sip on a calming tea. Knowing that specific timeframe is “booked” will help stick to your early morning exercises.


Exercising in the morning doesn’t have to be a huge hassle when you’re motivated. To get motivated, you can follow easy tips and tricks from this article. Remember, preparation is the key; it saves time in the morning and makes it easier for you to stick to your plans. Also, you should opt to exercise with your friend, sibling, or even your spouse. Making a date is the best way to stick to your plan. Always bear in mind that early workouts will boost your energy levels, make you more productive at work. Plus it’s also good for your health and waistline.


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