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10 Best Skin Care Advices: Your Face Your Choice

by jazz pollard (writer), , February 04, 2016

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Skin care advice will guide you to follow a healthy routine for a luscious skin. Here are 10 best skin care advice all that you need.

Our appearances are most valued by everyone including us. Choosing to ignore or take care of your skin lies upon you decision. But why should your skin appear older than your actual age? A young youthful and healthy face should be a part of your lifestyles. There are some habits and conditions that hold us back from achieving a perfect skin. These needs have to be addressed as early as possible. Skin care advice will guide you to follow a healthy routine for a luscious skin. Here are 10 best skin care advice all that you need:

1. Shield your skin from the harmful sun rays

The harmful sun rays expose your skin to wrinkles, cancer and sunburns. Put on a broad spectrum sunscreen with a moisturizer every day. Consider not staying too long under scorching sun and putting on protective clothing.

2. Quit smoking

Have you ever realized that smokers have aged skin? As if compromising your health is not enough, smoking exposes you to some skin problems which if not corrected, might get irreversible. Smoking brings about wrinkles. As you smoke the blood vessel get narrowed limiting efficient blood flow which carries nutrients and oxygen which are important for skin functioning. The collagen, elastin and fibers responsible for keeping the skin firm get depleted.

3. Cleanse

Find a gentle cleanser. You can make one at home or buy a ready one. Ensure that you cleanse every day before sleeping and every day in the morning. Avoid sleeping with makeup this can result to skin breakouts, fine lines under eyes and acne. Make it a routine to cleanse regularly. Consider a cleanser with moisturizing properties to protect the skin.

4. Be gentle on your skin

Your skin needs gentle handling. Avoid long and hot showers. Consider limiting the number of baths too. The skin is protected with some essential oils which if stripped off, will mark the start of skin problems. Use mild soaps and after bathing gently pat your towel to remove the excess water. After every shower, always remember to apply to keep your skin well hydrated.

5. Avoid stress

Find ways to avoid and manage stress. Burdening yourself with stress translates to your skin by leading to problems like acne, pimples and other skin breakouts. Make your life enjoyable and fun for a brighter skin and smile. Stress will just do you more harm with negative benefits; moreover it is not a solution.

6. Adjust to a healthy diet

A healthy diet works well in the quest for a beautiful and radiant skin. Include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains for a healthy skin. All these are in large variety for you to choose and they won’t fail you. Do not forget to take some omega-3 fatty acid foods from sources like the mackerels. They are good at curbing inflammation and for good skin. Avoid intake of processed sugar. Also rule out intake of alcohol, caffeinated drinks and coffee. They counteract by dehydrating your skin and leading to breakouts like the acne and pimples.

7. Get enough sleep

Just like your body so does the skin need some rest. Sleep for at least 7 hours. This gives time for skin to relax and function properly. Lack of sleep renders your skin to age prematurely. Plenty of sleep gives your skin a young and brilliant glow.

8. Take plenty of water

Water is a remedy for almost every issue in your body. Take plenty of water each day at least 8 glasses of every day. Water hydrates your skin shunning off skin dryness. It is also efficient in protecting the skin from any skin related conditions by flushing out the accumulated toxins. Our skin is exposed to toxins each day.

9. Exercise

Spare some 20 minutes each day to do some exercises. By exercising you help increase the rate of blood flow to efficiently transport essential antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, vitamins and oxygen to the skin. These are very vital as they keep away signs and symptoms for wrinkles by making your skin firm, slowing aging and repairing the skin. As you workout you detoxify the skin as you sweat. Get yourself a glorious exercise glow.

10. Select products to suit your skin

Different products have ingredients that work differently on skin types. Find out your skin type and find the right products for it. This might involve seeking advice from your dermatologist. The skin is very sensitive and we have to handle it with great care.


Skin care is not hard everyone can manage it simply. Follow the advice and make healthy lifestyle changes for a beautiful glowing skin. Make a choice to take care of your face. Our lives cannot be perfect but the skin can.


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