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Tips on Going off the Grid to Live the Way You Love

by Rip Van Winkle (writer), , January 30, 2016

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Tips on Going off the Grid to Live the Way You Love

‘Off-the-grid’ indicates living in homes, which are autonomous, referring they don’t depend on the so-called fundamental needs like municipal water supply, natural gas, sewer, electrical power.

A real off-the-grid place is able to function completely independent from all the conventional public utility services. Many people who think about how to go off the grid, is driven upon the need to get rid of the debts, spending money, dealing with finances and to walk far from a life of servitude. There are even tips available to guide those who have decided to go off the grid, which will be discussed in the rest of the article.

Do what makes you happy and live as you wish

Quit following the way of debt slavery that chains you to a dangerous mortgage and leading your life income to income just to clear the bills of the month and not have anything left over and having your family to live life with it. Walk away from such kind of life and do what you life to do. What type of legacy do you want to leave your children? Do you really need to teach them that they should work out lives for others?

No one is insisting that you should shirk your responsibilities as a supplier for your family. Of course, you have bills. So does everybody. But, it is not the point. You are not programmed from your young age to be used to the fact that we should adhere to this concept of civilization that majority of the civilization believes ‘normal’, while in fact it is truly the furthest thing from standard which you can get.

No wrong in working hard and hard, but it necessarily not have to be a JOB. Rather, it must be doing anything you LOVE engaging with. You may even go back to your school and learn new skills.

You JOB should be your family

You job is not your superior. Your job is working hard and smarter to offer a better life for yourself and your family. To grow your children the way you think right and not the way the typical system tells you must run your family. Family is the utmost essential thing on the front of the planet. You have a responsibility to your families as well as humanity to render for our families and assist other human beings. There are few steps you can take that could let you go off the grid. Cut off the bills you do not need. Cable television is one such thing. As long as you don’t use cable TV as your business, there is absolutely no reason having it other than a little entertainment. You can even watch television after you go off grid. You can excellently save money by not going out for eat often and that also includes frivolous spending on purchases that adds up over the course of time. Candy bars, coffee from your local shop, fast food and sodas and drinks. Not only are these practices bad for you, but cost money as well.

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By HomeRearedChef on March 17, 2016 at 10:06 am

My husband and I often talked about living off the grid; I guess you can say we've "romantizice" with the idea. And though we both believe we could really have done it, because we've never minded working hard, working the land with our hands, it would surely have involved a major turn-around in our lives. First, though, one needs to buy land!

I understand that more and more people are actually making the move to live off the grid. I wonder if it would be too late for us since we are now approaching our sixties? :)

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