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5 Fun Activities For Bachelor Party In Sydney

by Delan Cooper (writer), , January 26, 2016

Credit: Lim Ashley
Sydney Harbour

5 Fun Ideas For a Bachelor's Party in Sydney

Sydney is a wonderful and exciting destination for those about to be wed. From Darling Harbour to fantastic venues, full of thrilling activities and delicious food, Sydney is not to be underestimated in its offerings. Whether you're looking for an extravagant affair or a small private gathering, bachelors and their parties have plenty of options to choose from.

Poker and scotch
Picture yourself and your best buddies gathered around a poker table, Goodfellas-style, drinking high-end scotch and puffing the finest cigars. The atmosphere is perfect for those who enjoy a good game, men's conversation, and the company of good friends. Sydney offers many venues prepared to give you service suitable for a successful mafioso on his buck's night out.

Barbecue on the waterfront
Hire out a cabin or waterfront property for an exclusive party complete with beer and barbecue. What could be better than a private beach or stretch of woods for a man's enjoyment? Sydney's beaches and plethora of cabin properties makes this a more than viable option for those who like their parties to be large, but private.

Funny bachelor party games
Have the venue, but drawing a blank on activities? Play funny party games like Back Fire, Chicken Run, and It's a Dare. Sydneysiders love their jokes and have a rich tradition of these types of bachelor party games. The friendly competition keeps things lively!

Paintball followed by a pub crawl
Paintball and pub crawls are popular bachelor party options, but how about both in the same day? After a day of shooting your friends with paint, you can explore Sydney's best pubs with them and drink away the soreness. Many places offer group discounts and party offers for those looking to explore Sydney's paintball venues and pubs, so this is also an excellent choice for money-minded folks.

James Bond of Sydney
Let the groom-to-be have a little bit of a thrill before diving headfirst into marriage. Take a jet boat out onto Sydney Harbour and feel the adrenaline as you rush past the gorgeous scenery. After you've gotten your blood pumping, rest luxuriously in a limousine on your way to a wine tasting or a fine dining experience on the waterfront. Once you've relaxed a bit, arrive at the club with a VIP pass for a fantastic end to your night. Tuxedo is optional, but recommended.

Sydney is home to a great many venues and activities to choose from. Famous pubs, great food, water activities, clubs, gambling, and games for all types of bachelors can be found. The above are just a few examples of what this great city has to offer bachelors for their night out.

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