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Knocks of Ages.......the age old stigma. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, January 26, 2016

With the political correct climate on heat i for one would like some pure and simple age- old respect, look respect up. :>)


Reading an ad on Facebook re volunteers to teach over 50's at least partial or full bore Internet protocol.

Nothing wrong with that, splendid. If you can afford the full gambit of techno mobile app communication good luck to you you most certainly deserve it. Both parties receive a link of companionship/teachable undeniably. Great.

However, have we advanced our technology to the degree that people are being forced to use the Internet simply to do any task a simple phone call could equally suffice without the undertaking and inherent expense involved when a person just wants to query a bill perhaps without the email bother of 'logging in' etc?

Many of the people i talk to of senior, say without reservation, "couldn't care less and can't be bothered with it i just want to talk to someone regard payment of." Many don't have money accounts online for obvious reasons. Not many 'secured' sites always totally secured. Note large corporation small individual people hacked. Increasingly.

At this point, yes,nice for overseas contact, granted, with family. Exchange photos etc. However, expense a factor. Mobile use a constant bugbear and a nuisance. If you don't keep up with monetary input it can get problematic. Obviously it's great if you're a gadabout and the family wants to check on you. And they pay the paid theirs ongoing didn't you?

Anyway this post is about ageism. 'Elderly' 'Senior' 'Advanced' 'Useless old fart,' all these and many more words get thrown around like confetti in a windstorm. Talking to a mate tonight about it. He came up with a solution. See he agreed, "over fifties" (perhaps we're a tad sensitive) denotes in our over imaginative minds, a mental picture of a pack of 'over the hill' lemming- like people ready to jump off this mortal coil as in 'well and truly past it.' My mate and i were running through alternatives over aged description. His summation in his light- bulb moment? 'Life experience person' brilliant. Perfect!

The next time a thoroughly modern Millie asks on the other end of communication spiel "are you a Senior?" Reply, "i am a life experience person not a Mexican Senior Senorita."Silence no doubt. No aside at Mexicans in lieu of. Life experience people are alive, we demand aged respect, what better way to express it? " Think about it. If you disagree partially or entirely i'll have to revert to youthful abandonment "bite me" or perhaps "kiss my life experience crinkly ass!" In the eyes of the beholder? Cheers, life experience groupies. :>)

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By HomeRearedChef on March 17, 2016 at 10:28 am

Since I don't dye my hair (I now have some beautiful streaks of gray coming in), and my husband's hair is almost all silver, we often get asked at our grandchildren's games if we are Seniors? Are we over 55? To which we reply "Yes!" It is nice to get a small discount for our entrance to the games. Lol!

Cheers amigo...

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