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The Reasons for Mobile SEO and Its Importance

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The Growing Importance of Mobile SEO

Exploring the Importance of Mobile SEO and its benefits.

The sales quotient is at an alarmingly high rate for cell phones but in comparison to responsive web design India the cell phone users are looking forward to acquiring more comfort than they actually receive in desktops. the search engine optimization for mobile is also a crucial factor in digital marketing. The mobile sales have overtaken the desktop sales, so users have more connectivity at their disposal. 67% of website users lean more towards the purchase done from mobile friendly sites, then companies rely on SEO to make the transition of the mobile friendly site to a responsive website according to the criteria suitable.

The SEO services in Mumbai have gradually been getting apter at managing the website. The debate as to which option is more profitable is still ongoing, but this topic also contains its benefits and drawback.

It entirely depends on the main reason the website set up for and also its purpose, and the user base that is primarily targeted.

Lets us see the reasons, they are as follows: -

Recommended by Google:

Google the giant search engine stated that responsive web design ids the best website creation technique so calls responsive web design the “industry best practice”.

This is because the HTML and URL that is used in responsive designs is only one. There is no other different type of coding required to add to the complex factors such as different screen sizes for viewing purpose.

Google recommends it because it makes it easier to crawl and index. the content too is easier to organize but with the desktop counterpart it is harder for Google to crawl and index.

When a user wants to share content of the on social pages, the user will have to log into their social page account and send it then the person who receives the content uses a desktop to view it, which results in that user viewing a stripped down the mobile site on their desktop.

One website Many Devices:

The best feature of the responsive websites is that it provides user satisfaction with adaptability to fit to the different screen sizes. This is important as at the time of the creation of the website, the creator cannot possibly anticipate the exact no of people’s screen sizes of the devices available. This allows the user to shuffle between any screen size and still be able to access the website in the best way possible. If the website is a responsive one it will cater to all the demands of the users and their customer base.

Easier to Manage:

Creation two different websites increases the workload of SEO as the maintenance of the site will require two different campaigns and strategies to boost the ratings of the site. Built instead of managing two campaign it is far easier too to it as one. A smartphone specific SEO strategy will help in the optimization of the keywords that are likely to be ranked higher when one is using their cell phone to conduct the search….

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