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Holiday Travel With Kids - Caravan And Camping In Australia

by Delan Cooper (writer), , January 22, 2016

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?Australian caravan parks

Why not make your next holiday a camping trip at one of Australia's great caravan parks?

Are you considering taking your family on a caravan trip for your next holiday? Going on a camping trip either in caravan or in a tent is a fun way to spend a holiday with your family. It can be an adventurous and educational experience for your children, as well. You can even find places that have cabins for rent if you do not have your own accommodations to stay in while you are there for your stay.

Why Caravan/Camping Trips are a Great Holiday

Caravan/camping trips are a great way for you and your family to experience nature and the outdoors. If you have children, there are many activities such as fishing and hiking that you can participate in with them in order to teach them new skills that will pull them away from those electronic devices, television, and video games. They can get exercise, breathe in fresh air, and make new friends. It is also an ideal way to bond as a family and spend quality time with each other.

Advantages of Staying at a Caravan Park

There are many advantages to staying at a caravan park during your holiday. Caravan parks have many of the comforts that you have in your own home. If you have your own caravan, you can park it in a space in a park and hook it up to electricity and water so that you cook and bathe in your caravan and have lights on. If you prefer to camp in a tent or backpack, there are spaces where you can pitch your tent and set up camp. There are bathrooms and places to take showers in many of the parks that you can use during your stay. There are kitchen facilities or places where you can barbecue or set up a camp stove.

Choosing the Right Caravan Park for Your Holiday

There are many things that you will want to consider if choosing to take your holiday in one of the Australian caravan parks. You should decide what part of Australia that you want to travel to for your family holiday. Then you need to research what caravan parks are available in that area. Then you can narrow down your search as to which park that you want to stay in.

For example, perhaps you want to spend your time in Sydney. Then you might want to consider Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park. Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park is operating by Big4 Holiday Parks of Australia. Big4 Holiday Parks of Australia has been serving holiday travelers since 1979. They have over 180 park locations throughout Australia. Their caravan parks offer spots for both backpackers and caravans. Two and three bedroom cabins are available. If you are planning a family reunion, these parks also have larger suite facilities to accommodate large group. They are pet friendly, so you can bring along the family dog.

Amenities Available at Caravan Parks

Most caravan parks offer spots for both electric, non-electric, and water hookups. There are bathrooms, showers, and cooking facilities. For those that prefer to stay in a cabin, they come with bathrooms, kitchens, electricity, television, and even internet access. Some of the parks have swimming pools, playgrounds, fitness areas, places to BBQ, and even splash parks. There is something for everyone to enjoy, so why not choose to have your next holiday at a caravan park in Australia?

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