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The Resilience Reflex Transform Barriers into Opportunities

by Yvonne Wu (writer), , December 06, 2015

Credit: Zaheen Nanji
Author, Speaker and Radio Host

The Resilience Reflex with Zaheen Nanji. Zaheen talks about the inspiration behind writing her book that talks about how to develop your resilience to achieve success in life and in your career.

Developing resilience started for me at a young age. I left a country full of turbulence called Africa without my parents. An incident at the age of 5 caused me so much anxiety that it left me with a speech impediment-stuttering. I have struggled with this impediment all my life. At one time I was 40 pounds over weight and I was able to lose the weight and keep it off. At times my speech was hard to understand so I became a good writer and I started to keep a motivation journal.

I wanted to be part of helping people in their journey toward a resilient life. I’ve wanted to share my message for a long time, but I wasn’t ready. At first I just didn’t want to write a book about my story, but I wanted to provide the tools for others to overcome barriers, embrace change, and bounce back.

My first book was a diet book called Attract Your Ideal Weight, published in 2013 it was about changing your behaviours and relationship with food. I struggled with my weight and I wanted to find out how others were able to maintain the weight after taking it off, because that was the main challenge for a lot of women. My research found 8 common themes among these individuals. These individuals had to develop everyday coping skills and they had to integrate these skills into their life. In other words they had to develop resilience. I was finally ready my second book The Resilience Reflex: 8 Keys to Transforming Barriers into Success in Life and Business was born.

There are some things that happen to us that are beyond our control. For example, loss of personal property, loss of a loved one, accidents, or catastrophic events. Some people don’t know HOW to move past that event and continue being resilient – they feel stuck. When things happen that are beyond our control, we tend to ask “Why me?” Instead ask: “What did I learn from that experience? What’s the worst thing that could have happened but didn’t? How did that negative experience actually cause positive things later?”

For many people who stutter, simply being able to stop stuttering is a dream come true. But overcoming stuttering led me into becoming a now sought-after transformational speaker.

My book "The Resilience Reflex ” is engaging and not only provides 8 keys to overcoming barriers but outlines my 3-step signature system. Reading this book will inspire you to find solutions to your most pressing personal and professional challenges.The book includes inspiring success stories and self-assessment questions that help the reader discover their limiting patterns and how they can change them.

Sooner or later we all get curveballs. It happens to everyone. At some point we all wind up with our backs against the wall and need to make a comeback. So how do we do it?

Zaheen Nanji is a resilience champion and a business owner in Alberta, Canada. Her book, The Resilience Reflex - 8 Keys to Transforming Barriers into Success in Life and Business, became an International Best-Seller on Amazon Kindle. Zaheen teaches people how to make resilience their first reflex using her 3-step system: Release, Re-program and Resolve. She can be reached at

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By Yvonne Wu on December 09, 2015 at 08:44 am

There is a book tour on her site.

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