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Some Valuable Tips from Pregnancy Astrologer

by Avantika Sharma (writer), New Delhi, November 24, 2015

Pregnancy astrologer plays an important role during predictions of pregnancy and further forecasting. In fact, Vedic astrology has become a complementary aid to the treatment related to fertility prob

Every human being desires to have a smooth, tension-free, stress-free and positive life. Therefore, he may take a help of astrology to understand the predictions about future. Time is an inestimable and valuable thing. The truth and importance of ‘time’ is not bound to be proven. Creation, protection and destruction are characteristics of time. Therefore, if a person gets a tool to understand when these properties would be in force then it is easier for him to plan his future.

Time of conception is yet another crucial and emotionally significant issue for many. There are various concepts like Garbhadhaana, Asthakwarga system, Chaughadia muhurtha which need lots of study and analysis. Of course the complicated calculations of all these concepts of astrology have become easier today due to software programs.

Common tips from the best pregnancy astrologer:

The failure of the couple to conceive and not to have a child is mainly due to lack of energy from Jupiter and Venus in one of the partners. Jupiter’s vibration is essential for conceiving a baby and energy from Venus is important for sexual reunion. Therefore without these two, it is not possible to conceive another life in the mother’s womb.

The planetary actions are important during the nine months of the pregnancy. Therefore one should ensure that the mother or the couple gets the planetary energy in that respective month.

First Month: In the first month that is regarded as a crucial month during pregnancy Venus (Shukra) should be strong. If the planet is weak during that period, some problems may arise then. Therefore, to keep Venus strong and steady, husband and wife should keep the house and worshiping place clean, neat and well-organised.

Second Month: In the second month, Mars (mangal) should be strong enough which governs blood and bone. If Mars is favourable, a healthy, bony, strong and fearless baby will be born.

Third Month: A strong Jupiter (Guru) during third month gives an intelligent baby with beautiful skin. The child is obedient to his parents.

Fourth Month: In the fourth month, Sun (Surya) should be strong. Sun is important for soul upliftment and righteousness.

Fifth Month: In the fifth month, Moon (Chandra) should be strong. Due to this, the child’s behaviour and emotional set up is well balanced.

Sixth Month: In the sixth month, Saturn (Shani) should be strong so that the baby’s nervous system is good and he does not have any breathing related ailments.

Seventh Month: In the seventh month, Mercury (Budha) is required to be strong to have a baby who is mentally active, smart and highly intelligent.

Eighth Month: During the eighth month, the respective Ishta devata should be worshipped for strength and blessings during pregnancy.

Ninth Month: The ninth month is regarded as the terminal part of the pregnancy wherein the foetus is ready to enter the world. During this period, the month belongs to Moon- karaka of mother.

Vedic astrology has beautiful and scientifically proven concepts, if followed properly, can be fruitful. Who does not want a healthy, smart, intelligent and obedient child who is full of good qualities?

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