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How to Increase Height After Puberty

by tarun pahwa (writer), Delhi, November 18, 2015

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How to increase height
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Are you thinking after puberty how to increase your height? Did you wonder that after attaining puberty it becomes impossible to grow taller? Well, it's definitely not.

Are you thinking after puberty how to increase your height? Did you wonder that after attaining puberty it becomes impossible to grow taller? Well, it's definitely not. We are part of such society where people give extra preference and importance to those who are taller. This particular phenomena makes short height people feel to grow taller and grab some attention. This propensity causes inferiority complex and low self- confidence in short people. But it is amazing to know that even after puberty one can easily attain some height. The bones of our spine and legs control the height growth mainly. So after puberty the bones of our legs are generally fused, though spinal bones are not exactly same as the legs. So if one wants to know how to increase height and grow taller as well then one should take care of spinal bones. Short height people are always look for methods to increase the heights because they find low self- confidence in them. So if you are going through inferiority complex due to your height then this article will surely help you to know the ways to increase your height.

Doing few things will help you in growing your body and also assist you in developing in a right way but one thing must be remembered in this course that height cannot be increased overnight. One has to patient and disciplined during going through the process. In order to add some inches to the present height, you should practice few methods. These methods are consist of diets, exercise and learning and knowing the science of growing as well. If one follows the regime with determination and discipline then it is quite possible to attain standard height.

Must remember few things

    ·By reducing spinal curve, one should lengthen the spine.

    ·One needs to loose disks solidity of one's spine.

    ·Assist in increasing HGH levels of the body.

Through right exercise one can easily take care of these particular points mentioned above and automatically some inches will be added to the height. Stretching and loosening is encourage one's body to release such hormones related to human growth which is responsible for increasing one's height.

Few effective exercise

    ·Vertical hanging is very much effective and easy stretching exercise and one can do this one comfortably at home. To do this, one needs a solid bar which is capable enough of holding an individual. One should fix this bar at a standard height. 5- 6 inches gap between one's feet and the floor is needed. One should hang from this bar and try to hold the position as long as can.

    ·Yoga stretches is also another effective way of lengthening the spine which leads to attain the desired height. It is not only lengthen the spine, but also strengthens various part of the body. Though all yoga exercise do not responsible for increasing the height. The wheel, cobra, cat stretch and bow are the right one to gain desired height.

    ·Another way to help one grow taller is riding a bicycle. Though riding a cycle will not contribute in making one taller but if one does it right way and regularly then one can be able to grow taller. One needs to concentrate on riding in a proper posture. One should adjust the seat of cycle a little bit higher. This will help one to stretch the legs for pedaling.

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