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Eat frugal and be......................RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, November 15, 2015

Are we over bombarded with fad diets or conversely are we over bombarding our bodies food wise...or burger foolish?


Seen so many blogs of late here and elsewhere advising to eat "eat this eat that!" People watching their diets with carbs in mind dancing to the tune of flimflam fad diets. Seemingly never- ending. Tied religiously to the regime of carbohydrate implementation and so on.

Doc told me and nutrition expert agreed to stop worrying about counting carbs as such, was surprised to see a chap on Facebook, a diabetic like me, inquiring about carbs. I was told quite a while back to drop the carbs as such and concentrate on simple 'portion' eating. Which i do. Don't get me wrong do whatever tunes your diet whim dances to, if you are so inclined.

I'm not a doc so therefore it's only in passing i mention diets because of a few pertinent factors people can't deny.

Unless like me you probably don't have to have set meals to balance, scientists have proven that less is more regarding food intake. Tests on mice overfed and alternatively underfed showed that the underfed gained a distinct longevity advantage. The "eating yourself to death" conundrum springs to mind.

Obviously too underfed can be just as bad in extreme , depending on your energy level required. But longevity wise done right a simple 'grazing' diet, just a few small meals a day for me anyway suffices now plus exercise as opposed to when i was doing hard manual work most of my working life requiring sugar levels up to fuel what i was doing and needed at the time, energy requirement.My sister a pensioner, fit as, and because thrift is required, eats basically one meal a day plus bits and pieces to top up through the day,and she keeps busy with exercise. Are three large meals a day such a necessity all things considered or have we become 'zombified' by food ads and food flog by experts sometimes pulling in differing directions? The simple stuff like protein via meat and such some people avoid and substitute. I'm not a vegan but have meat seldom. It's a given vegies are essential and basic food you all know from other posts are good for you. Not telling anyone what or not what to eat, pretty obvious.

But you get,or at least i do, tired of constant "our meals are THE structured Holy Grail of eat" on and on blurb the diet/foodstuffs companies promote. If you can afford to and it's your choice no argument but when you look at the meals they're something you could easily assimilate yourself unless the time factor is a problem. The variety of juice machines flogged constantly go a bit overboard on the "this little beauty will extract ALL the nutrients out of your veg or whatever you stick in the machine that's good for you. Though whether you beat the crap out of say carrots apples etc to my way of thinking the intestinal tract juices etc would work the same if you ate say a carrot and apple separate instead of puree belting it. The nutrient is already embalmed which ever food method you choose the way i look at it.

Anyway the main point of this post and i don't usually write on such subjects is that proof -of- the- pudding re food intake if you want hard evidence that less is better, look at the longevity of returned servicemen of yore who really didn't have an inordinately super diet subsisting in some instances of bully beef and basic enough to allow them to 'soldier on' no pun intended. Now whether it was the inordinate amount of exercise or the fact that the food intake was basically enough from what was supplied is debatable. Presents itself with living proof the fact that the old diggers live to a ripe old age by all accounts as evidenced at military parades etc. Like i said, not promoting any foods in particular but it goes without saying some of the more expensive fruits and such like blueberries small packet $5 bucks containing 'super benefits' by all accounts as well as fish, can be pricey and meat dear. Though me being near veg farms with country grown its pretty good value for the basics.

If you are what you eat guess it says it all so stay healthy and in moderation and you'll live a long time and i hope you will...but then avoid rushing out across roads's the buses that want to argue, just won't give way, no matter how fit and healthy you are. Cheers. :>)

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By Barbara MacDonald on November 15, 2015 at 12:08 pm

You are funny you know, because you act like you know little about certain things, yet I know for a fact you have researched certain areas to keep yourself healthy too. You also have sent me some great advice as you know lately I have lost far too much weight (not my choice)...but yes, I am somewhat grazing now and it seems to suit my metabolism at the moment. Nice article Riginal. :)

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By riginal on November 15, 2015 at 07:00 pm

thanks Barb, we are a strange race indeed. Without exception my friend everything food wise on this planet seems linked of late; smacks of money grasp. For instance a guy and his missus found some damn cacti out the bush that does every damn thing but create new organs. Hellish expensive. Guy flogging whey supplements. Have no qualms about possible benefit just the exorbitant prices. Bought a bottle of stuff once so expensive, the only thing i felt bodywise was foolish. So much scam. Perpetuated constantly by celebs etc alarmingly. Some of the stuff i've seen women stuff in their trolleys i wouldn't feed a dead dog which probably died of the crap put in tinned dog food; dry food for dogs please. There i go again...bone of contention. Take care Twinkletoes...we are what we think? Maybe that diet of thought needs adjustment urgently the way things are panning out. Take care. :>)

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