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Get to Know El Rey Del Mundo Cigars

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Cigars are used by an elite class of society who are fond of the rich and enchanting flavour of the blend of tobacco. There are various brands available today.

Cigars are a tightly rolled bundle of fermented and dried tobacco leaves that are ignited at one end and the smoke is drawn into the user’s mouth and thus in the body. Cigar tobacco is different. The people all over the world belong to an elite class who are fond of cigars.

Origin of Cigars

Origin of the cigar is not certain. However, cigar tobacco is grossly found in Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, etc. It is said that a certain ceramic pot of 10th century was excavated which featured a Mayan smoking tobacco leaves tied together. In Mayan culture, smoking is called as ‘sikar’. Therefore, the term cigar may have coined from this word.

El Rey Del Mundo cigars

El Rey Del Mundo is the name of two cigar brands, one produced in Cuba by the Cuban state-owned tobacco company and another one produced by Villazon family in Honduras. The Villazon family is dedicated to its tradition and craftsmanship. El Rey Del Mundo cigars are full of captivating flavour and a fine blend of Honduran tobacco.

The cigars are believed to be created by Emilio Ohmstedt – a businessman from Germany, somewhere in 1848. The cigar was named as El Rey Del Mundo and it stands true to its Spanish meaning even now by truly being king of cigars. It was regarded as one of the most exuberant, prestigious and celebrated brand of cigars in mid of 19th century.

The production of these cigars continued and had popularity in the 20th century too. However, later a different trait was observed. People started liking stronger cigars. Therefore, the mild El Rey Del Mundo cigars were left behind. But despite the loss of popularity, the El Rey Del Mundo cigars are still considered as a premium and prized brand today.

El Rey Del Mundo cigars hold a luscious Honduran flavour, flawless construction of cigars, perfect burn and an enthrallingly complex blend of handpicked, select, finest tobaccos. The cigars are available in tins, boxes, singles, bundles and 5-packs. One can order them online to get them at a discounted price. They are handmade cigars, with medium to full strength. The fillers are from Honduras. Even Dominican fillers are too available. The Maduro wrappers are from Connecticut or Ecuador or Honduras.

Reviews on El Rey Del Mundo cigars

There are plentiful of reviews available onEl Rey Del Mundo cigars. They are available in various types like Balthasar, Choix Supreme, Demi Tasse, Petit Compania, Isabel, Royal series, no. 1, 2, etc. They come up with different vitolas too. The vitolas could be Dobles, Corona, Corona Gorda, Magicos, Entreacto, Delicados, etc. The cigars come in various sizes and rings like 156 x 19,84 with 50 rings or 129 x 16,67 with 42 rings

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