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How to Choose and Store the Essential Gardening Tools

by Dan Radak (writer), , September 10, 2015

Gardening Tools

Creating your own personal paradise in your backyard doesn’t come without some serious effort. To make it perfect, you need some time, space and proper tools.

When you enter some of those big garden and tool centers you stand in awe. It seems like you are on another planet full of amazing things that would make your gardening even more fun. The truth is, you need just a limited set of essential tools to do proper work. Yet, those tools need to be properly maintained and stored if you want them to last.

Spades and Shovels

You need a good spade to turn compost heaps and to dig bigger holes for planting. You also use this tool to prepare the soil for planting and to loosen it. Shovels are used for collecting and removing debris and soil. You need them to put the fertilizer or compost in place. The metal part of the spade and the shovel needs to be cleaned after use and oiled up for the winter. This way, it will be preserved from the rusting. There are also products that deal with the rust if it appears. Blades on the spades need to be sharpened before the season and after the winter. The most important thing when choosing the spades and shovels is that the size is appropriate for you. Also, make sure that the head is attached firmly to the handle. When cleaned and oiled, the spade and the shovel need to be hanged by the handle.

Rakes and Brooms

There are different types of rakes, but you need the ones with the metal head. You will be using it to gather leaves, but also to spread the fertilizer and to prepare the soil of the planting by evening it out. Metal is strong enough for that. Just like the spades and shovels, rakes and brooms need to be hanged on the wall when not used. While rakes don’t have to be sharpened, metal parts need to be oiled and protected from the rust. Broom heads should be cleaned and wrapped in paper or a plastic bag until the season to come.

Knives, Scissors and Shears

Besides the obvious uses, knives are used for planting, as well. Scissors and shears are used for pruning, clipping and maintaining the shrubbery. These items need to be treated for rust. If you use your knife to plant, some moist will stick on it. The same goes for scissors and shears that cut green parts of the plants. These tools need a separate box or drawer because they are easy to misplace. You need to have a bottle of WD – 40 to maintain scissors and shears. You will find tons of different types on every good website that sells tools online. The choice depends on your shrubbery.

Mowers and Scythes

Scythes are used for the grass and shrubbery that has reached the height that is unmanageable by the mower. The maintenance is the same as for the spades. You take your pick from the mowers that you push and the electric ones. These two types are perfect for the small yards. Bigger and stronger mowers will run on gas, but you don’t need those unless you have a huge lawn. During winter, keep them in you shed and make sure that you clean the motor and the blades before storing them. Metal blades need sharpening and proper cleaning before storing.

Hoses, hammers, nails and stakes are also among the things you need for your garden. It is obvious that you need a shed to store these tools to keep them in a good shape for many seasons. If you don’t have one, build it yourself. It is much easier than it sounds.

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