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The Advantages of Selling your Home in the Summer

by HRoberts (writer), London, August 25, 2015

The summer is a fine time to test the market.

There is a lot of debate as to when the best time to sell your property is. According to some the fall and winter are considered off-season, as there is usually the least action in the property market then. If this is reason enough for you to consider putting up your house for sale in the summer, you might be on the right track.

The summer is a fine time to test the market. It is also when you can be most active in pursuing a better deal and ensure that your home is most presentable. Summer is the time when you can better plan everything and make the most out of hiring specialised services to help you sell your home, such as real estate agencies and cleaning companies. Here are few additional benefits:

  • You have more free time - summer is the time of year when you have most free time on your hands. That way you will be able to look into the details and ensure you are not missing anything and that you can arrange for the best deal. Pricing, contracts and visits should all be looked into and devoted enough attention. If you can invest more time in talking with buyers, arranging visits and discussing the terms with them, chances are you are going to make a great deal.
  • The property looks its best in the summer - let’s be honest - the percentage of people who prefer the sight of trees without leaves and snow piling up in front of the property is very small. Most people are charmed by the appeal of plants in the summer. You can use this to your advantage when you are trying to sell your property. Take good care in maintaining the looks of your home. Patio cleaning is extremely important, as is overall care for the garden and landscaping.
  • You can use the good weather for some DIY projects - sellers often forget that some detailed touches here and there around the home go a long way in striking a better deal. Use the summer’s warmth to perform some maintenance and window cleaning or carpet cleaning service in your home. You can also try to improve it by implementing certain projects, such as fixing the flaws around your windows and ceiling, your garden and any other area you think can use some improvement.
  • Better visibility - do not underestimate the power of clear weather and good visibility. If you are promoting your home through outdoor advertising, every sign ‘for sale’ you put up will attract way more attention and will be easier to spot. A large number of people learn about homes for sale by driving past such signs. Additionally, better visibility is also good for your home, because it allows the light to illuminate the interior better. You will be surprised how much of an impact this can make, especially to small rooms.
  • You can use summer for testing the market - even if you don’t manage to sell your home in the summer, you can use the attempt as a test and make adjustments to price. That way you will know if there is anything you need change or improve about your property in order to succeed with the sale in fall.

Selling your home in the summer is certainly a great option. Consider all of the benefits and go for it.

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