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11 astonishing ways to cure a migraine headache

by Swapnil Jukunte (writer), Mumbai, August 20, 2015

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11 astonishing ways to cure a migraine headache

Migraine headache is one of the most common and incapacitating pain in the world, so much that the World Health Organization has classified it as the World’s Top 20 most debilitating conditions.

It is estimated that over 10% of the population – including children, suffer from migraine and worst of all, it affects people in their most productive stages of life i.e 25-55years of age.

Unfortunately, migraine awareness is extremely low among the masses and it's a highly under-diagnosed condition. To get rid of the pain, sufferers usually resort to pain medication or headache pills that are easily available over-the-counter. But this is not the right method to treat migraine. Migraine is a treatable condition with the help of appropriate diagnosis and medication, however, people need to realize that the monthly bouts of ache is actually migraines. Below we list down 11 effective and astonishing ways to cure migraine headache.

1) Yoga: As migraine is a neurological condition, calming the mind and body with the help of yoga is a great way to prevent migraine headaches. Yoga combines physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation that soothes the mind, body and soul. The regular practice of yoga has shown to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks in individuals suffering from migraine.

2) Meditation: Meditation when combined with yoga is an excellent form to calm the nerves and liberate the mind from painful distractions. The various techniques used in meditation along with deep-breathing practices helps you focus on your own body so that you feel stress free and free of pain.

3) Aerobics: aerobics exercises such as dancing, power-yoga, running, brisk-waking etc pumps in more oxygen in the blood which helps in a better and fresh blood circulation throughout the body. This in-turn helps you flush out toxins and chemicals, responsible for migraine headache, out of the body. In a study, migraineurs who participated in regular exercises reported fewer frequencies of migraine attacks along with lesser intensity of pain.

4) Stretches: Certain sets of neck, shoulder and back stretches have shown to reduce pain intensity when performed during a migraine attack. These stretching exercises help to loosen the muscle tension around the head, thereby giving tremendous relief from the weakening headache.

5) Head Massage: Who doesn’t love massages! They are a great way to improve blood circulation in the head and diffuse any toxins that can cause a headache. However, using strong perfumed aroma oils can actually bring about a headache for some people; hence it is cautioned to use non-perfumed oils for a relaxing treat.

6) Treatment: Migraine can be managed well with treatment. Just popping over the counter painkillers will not provide any long term relief. In fact, Doctors opine that blindly consuming headache pills can actually aggravate migraine due to overdose of pills. Consulting the right doctor for migraine medication is the first step towards freedom from migraine. If you suffer from migraine and want to know more about the medicines prescribed consult your doctor or find a doctor near you through this link

7) Adequate sleep: Just like yoga, a good night’s sleep is another sure shot way to help you cope with migraine attacks. Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep is in fact a major trigger for migraine for many. By avoiding night-time activities and focusing on a good old 8 hour sleep everyday can reduce your migraine attack frequency considerably.

8) Keep a tab on food chemicals: Nitrites, MSG, tyramine, aspartame, etc. are those magic ingredients that make your food yummy. However, it is your head that has to pay the price while you savour delicacies containing these. If you are a migraine sufferer then maintaining a headache diary will help you pinpoint which foodstuff or ingredient triggers a headache in you. Avoiding those food items (eg, coffee, alcohol, aged cheese, MSG, nuts, meats, etc.) can ensure longer periods of migraine free days.

9) Migraine Diary: a Migraine diary is a record maintained by people suffering from migraine headaches. In this diary, one records their daily activities such as food consumed, outdoor and indoor acts etc, so that they can monitor their migraine headaches and pin-point a specific element as their trigger. Hence, by accurately knowing the trigger, one can elude a migraine headache by simply avoiding the trigger. Learn more about how to maintain a migraine diary through this link

10) Acupuncture: This ancient Chinese art of inserting needles in strategic locations of the body under the skin to realign the flow of energies helps keep migraine headaches away effectively for a long time. An expert analysis found that acupuncture can help treat acute migraine headache and tension-type headache effectively.

11) No Hairstyle please!: Many fashionable hairstyles such as braiding, tight ponytails, rigid hair bands, etc. Can trigger a headache. This type is also known as a tension type headache. If you observe headaches frequently due to your hairstyle then opt for open hair or shorter hairstyles that do not put any unwanted stress on the roots of your hair.

Migraine is a treatable condition and by a thorough understanding of the disorder, one can find relief from this debilitating condition. Your general physician is the best person to consult and following your doctor’s advice will help you in a long run to get rid of migraine headaches.

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