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Are You Avoiding Yourself?

by Barbara MacDonald (writer), CANADA , June 04, 2015

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In silence lies the truth
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Is it even possible to avoid yourself ? Using drugs or alcohol is always a temporary fix. At some point in time, life will always give you a reality check.

How much time do you spend avoiding yourself? Your immediate response was no doubt, 'none.' Why would I avoid myself? It seems like it would be impossible to do. Yet, that is what many people do, avoiding. Your life is comprised of everything you do...showering, brushing your teeth ,sleeping, with everything in between. However, there is often a plethora of busy work that distracts and keeps you from connecting with yourself. Experiencing your life from the inside takes time each day to be alone and quiet in the presence of your soul.

Many people have not grasped that one's life is all there is. Your life is not about your parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, cars, house, clothes and things. Your life is about your soul. Yet, the majority of people seldom connect with their true essence. As a result , many people have stopped 'being' and are merely walking through life with a 'to do list' and a plethora of acquired 'things' for which they can say, 'Look at me, look at what I accomplished.' The big house with the three car garage, the fancy car, vacations, country club membership and the list goes on. This is not to say, that having the finer things in life is bad. But what have you accomplished where it really counts-(your emotional and spiritual growth)?

There are many reasons why it is uncomfortable to sit with yourself. It is difficult to open yourself to your inner voice, which might question what you are creating with the choices you make. Your inner voice might remind you of things you want to keep hidden, even from yourself, let alone others. Your inner voice might remind you of your inner yearnings, dreams that you have let slip away.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by your busy schedule, the idea of hearing your inner voice can seem to be more than you can stand. However, your inner voice reflects the chords that connect you to your authentic self, and is the very thing that makes your life worth living. When you continually avoid connecting with your inner voice, you risk losing the very purpose of your existence this time around.

In order to begin the process of being present and less absent in your life, you need to set aside a few minutes each day to sit with yourself. Sit with your self in a meditative or contemplative state. Watching TV or a movie, reading a book or chatting on the phone does not count as spending time with oneself. To avoid the avoidance, take time each day for self-exploration. Being with yourself in an open way is very powerful and empowering.

After several weeks of practicing being with yourself, you will notice that you enjoy this time so much that you make less busy work and spend time at the center of your life, rather than avoiding yourself. I know for myself , I start to grieve if I do not have this self-time. Perhaps this is the Introvert in me, part of who I am, but this is how I re-center myself..

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4 comments on Are You Avoiding Yourself?

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By Shane Joseph on June 04, 2015 at 01:40 pm

Many of us our afraid to confront ourselves, afraid that there is nothing there. Hence the need to have the activities, the three cars and the big house.

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By Barbara MacDonald on June 05, 2015 at 10:36 am

There is a lot of truth in your comment Shane, thank you. Kinda what I think of as filling up with emptiness , just never worked for me.

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By carlwise17 on September 17, 2015 at 01:33 am

It is absolutely brilliant heart touching article. It gives me a kind refreshing feel to my mind. It is very important to find time to spend with ourselves. I really agree with the whole idea of the article!

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By Barbara MacDonald on December 13, 2015 at 12:58 pm

Thank you carlwise, happy you enjoyed my article. :)

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