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Problems of Finding the Right Astrological Help in Cities

If you are living in a small city or town in India, finding the right guidance can be a challenging experience itself. Here are the problems you are likely to face in such situations.

Astrology is the ancient science that can help transform your life in many ways. Be it a personal problem or professional dead end, astrology can enhance your life and bring positive energy into it in many ways. However, getting the correct astrological guidance is the key here.

Proper astrological guidance is something everyone needs at some point of time in life. The ancient science can go a long way in changing your life positively and bring peace and harmony in it. But if the guidance is not correct, then it can do you more harm than good. So, it is essential that you consult a learned and experienced astrologer regarding your problem. But if you are living in a small town or city in India, finding the right help can be daunting. For example, finding a good astrologer in Kanpur can be difficult as this is a small city.

So, here are some problems you are likely to face while looking for astrological help:

Fraud Astrologers: This is the most important cause of concern. Astrology, being an ancient and hard to learn science, very few people have correct understanding of it. Thus, it is very easy for dubious characters to mislead innocent people in desperate need for help. While looking for an astrologer in Jaipur, which is again a small city of India, one should always be cautious about this kind of people.

Gemstone sellers: Using gem stones to influence the planetary positions and attract positive energy are an integral part of astrology. But it is also a difficult process to understand and thus general people are left to trust their astrologers on what gem stone to wear and for what effect. But in smaller cities and towns more often than not fake astrologers suggests expensive gem stones in order to earn hefty revenue. Not only it is a monetary loss, but it can hamper the mental and spiritual health of a person greatly if the wrong gem stone is worn.

Connecting with the right help: Sitting in a small city like Kanpur or Jaipur, even if you know the right person to seek help from, it often becomes difficult to get in touch with him/her. As most of the authentic astrologers are based in large cities like Delhi or Mumbai, it become difficult for a person to get in touch with the astrologer from Kanpur for example. Here telephonic consultation works wonders. You can simply dial the number and get the help you were looking for.

Exorbitant fees: In a small town where you are left with one or two at maximum authentic astrologers, the fee often becomes exorbitant. As most of the people looking for astrological help tend to be in desperate need, they generally have no other way than fall prey for it. Also, in a small town or city it is not easy to find an astrologer who is authentic as well as affordable.

All these problems faced by small city people while finding authentic astrological consultation has given rise to the online and telephonic consultation trend through which people can seek authentic help from any part of the country.

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2 comments on Problems of Finding the Right Astrological Help in Cities

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By Teresa on May 13, 2015 at 01:08 am

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By Tajammul Kothari on May 20, 2015 at 07:21 am

Nice article but thought I would express my opnion on the subject:

Astrology cannot be called a true science as its based on mere guess work and gut feelings. No one can ever predict an outcome except for the Almighty and so one should not place too much importance on it.

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