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The old P VERSUS P debate. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, April 15, 2015

The daunting P versus P question. I don't think either is the perfect way to P. Perhaps the best extracted from both to form a balance?


Before i say anything much, all you parents and doyens of "i have to give my child/children the most super 'private' school education i can possibly afford which i really in all truth CAN'T afford," a comprehensive full- on study in Australia has deliberated and announced that there is no discernible difference/proof, a 'private' education has over and above a more common (thought as such by some people with slightly upturned noses) public school education.

Maybe the survey was carried out by 'public' school persons?:>) Sometimes, and you hear stories such, of an Ivy League graduate 'private' bod creating headlines not at all good because of a misspent CEO position gone awry simply because that person's schooling perhaps gave the person in that position,the notion that when one tries to circumnavigate certain protocol demanded of us to be fair in a rapidly changing "all's fair/fare in love and claw," quite often ends in a courtroom to the detriment of an otherwise highly educated person. What's your thoughts? Got none? Maybe you've had such an elite education and been caught get out of an 'offshore' conundrum?

Would like to hear your story. But we won't now will we? Because as you pass out (either in bankruptcy court) or through the higher portals of business with perhaps a self- illuminated aura, it ends up tarnished in some cases. Don't get me wrong, you can avail of the ubiquitous retorts most highly educated people give when pursued by a clamoring media desperate to get a scoop of the horseshit replies. "No comment!" or, "talk to my liar!...sorry, privately trained lawyer." "i have no idea where the money went, i was away that day!" Like the CEO of Google in Australia here hauled before a government inquiry.When asked the question "how much tax has your company paid?" the CEO shook her head, raised her hands in an all encompassing gesture "ummm...not quite shore?" Acted surprized when she was told to the dollar her offshore 'unsure' tax was far short of the company's payment through the deviation of funds surely a public trained reasonably honest person with pertinent facts and ten fingers could be counted on to inform the pretty CEO. She did have a nice hairdo accompanied by stellar grooming. Maybe by a 'public' school trained imaginative natural born hairdresser?

That's not to say every private graduate is a crook or indeed ends up such. No siree.It takes effort. Some even sound reasonably truthful...if you squint a bit. And block one ear. Just kidding. Our justice system is so finite here it weeds out the weeds and transplants them into the garden of politics. Did i just spoil my own argument? It's your money and i guess your choice where you send your kiddies. Private or public it's only dollar sense to the parents who always want the best for their dollar spent. Bit along the same lines of what the 'ordinary' public desire for their efforts to make their voices heard after they put their votes in the box of sometimes 'little return'.

I remember my dad who was a natural born engineer. Instrumental in siring a public school kid who didn't set the world on fire as a young impressionable.

Maybe if i had of attended a private school i could have made something of myself instead of sticking penny bungers (a large Chinese- made Australian import, small explosive capable of blowing a neighbor's letter box apart). Had i gone the private route i would possibly have garnered the gift- of- the- gab to talk a 'public' trained nuisance mate into lighting the wick? Known by adults as 'buck passing' in the business world.

Dad befriended a guy who was very wealthy. He was into agriculture. Dad did all his substantial banking for him because the guy couldn't read or write. Trusted dad because my old man was dead set honest. Called a spade a spade.Maybe there's a subliminal message there for some of us of the thinking "intelligence reigns supreme as opposed to 'hands on'" They say clothes maketh the man. Depends how straight the tie is between right and wrong i guess. I suppose you could counter with "best dressed first served." But at what price?

Before i go to sleep (hope i've bored you to sleep...think of the money you've saved on relaxants!) i'd like to mention one hell of a mess permeating and causing a real big stink in the corridors of education at genuine Australian Universities. Seems there's an essay service been found wanting resulting in suspended spiel by these idiots and further investigation to the extreme to root out non- genuine unacceptable flim flam (rubbish) submitted papers by "duh i aint got the time" gullible students. There is a thing called Karma when you cheat. No Irving i don't know of any reputable 'ssay' writers. Saaay! why don't you put a reputable one up? Only joking i know your life's mission is to find the missing www. link between early man and the cheapest ham write.

Perhaps i've mentioned this subject before? May the genuine God of "do it yourself or at least have a go" enter your perplexed domain.

If you can't see a moral or have no morale then check your privates. Or, you could go public? Depends how earnest you are. :>)

If this post doesn't get put up please ignore it as i know you're busy. And if there's an honest crook out there ready to confess to skullduggery after being private for so long vent your spleen. Or should that read, Spleen your vent? Ssshh! quiet! Remember when you were a kid and you'd hide in the darkness, under the bed after doing something wrong? Then a hand resembling law and order would grasp you gently by the shirt and drag you into the bright light of 'confess?' Some when they grow up wear suction cups on their Ivy League shirts. And they just dig their 'appeals in' and even in the bright light of public opinion they shut their eyes really really tight...and say "no comment!" Have a vice free day. Is that possible? :>).

In closing. Two hundred odd (and aren't they!) known pedophiles, Australians, visited Asia with varying arrests involving murder in one case proven. Yesterday's news. Head of 'child safe education' charged over 10 child molestation counts. Like i said, Karma visits. Unfortunately and tragically too late for many. Oh, and one in three women get assaulted by their gutless partners. Guess you don't have to wonder why some women carry baggage. You do wonder about the seemingly overwhelming grip evil has on the planet. Or is it that we're all so busy these days the wondering about murder and mayhem is just an everyday unacceptable accepted thing? Real sad.

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By riginal on May 12, 2015 at 06:21 am

Duh, when you two finish your disarray tation courses please let me know. Academics? Duh. :>)

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By riginal on May 12, 2015 at 06:32 am

Also, as i stated, facts and legite figures by reputable survey in Australia prove that 'private' schooling has no advantage over any other schooling. Maybe the private uniforms are a bit neater? The 'public' domain if you're an individual thinker should serve a hard working student with the same opportune...

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