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A Cool Feeling of Air Conditioners with 3D Printed Bricks

by Albert Smith (writer), , March 03, 2015

?Since ages, bricks have been used for construction. In fact, they are the oldest structures that have been used for construction.

Since ages, bricks have been used for construction. In fact, they are the oldest structures that have been used for construction. Earlier, sun baked bricks were quite common. Excavation of different ancient civilizations have helped to retrieve such bricks from there. However, in recent times, people have moved away from the old tradition of using earthen bricks. In fact, it is now all set to make complete use of technology for construction. And the creation of bricks also fall under it. The latest in the trend has been the 3D printed construction materials, including the bricks, which are being used quite often.

Three dimensional design and architecture has been an interesting part of the recent innovations in the world of technology. In fact, 3D architecture had been present for years together. But it is being used to the fullest only since the last few years. In recent times, 3D architecture are used in creating buildings. And the first part in this process is the creation of the basic construction units, such as the bricks.

The 3D printed bricks work just like any other brick, helping in the construction of some amazing buildings. But there are something more to these construction units. In recent times, a type of brick has been introduced, which is expected to keep the rooms cool. Yes, you read it right! These 3D bricks are likely to act as air conditioners and are going to help people in countries torn by hot and sultry summers. So, it is sure to make a cozy ambiance for you even when the weather is extreme outside.

So, what are these bricks like?

It has been observed that these bricks are made of ceramic and are light in weight. This is because, the brick is hollow in structure. An excellent thing about these bricks is that they are able to interlock with one another, which ensures that they can form an amazingly firm structure. So, when put together, these bricks usually help to create a strong ceramic structure, which cannot be damaged easily.

How the room is being made cooler?

The principle used in the 3D bricks is evaporative cooling. Water, which is present inside the bricks, evaporates. It is added to the air inside the room. This helps in lowering the temperature of the room. This is somewhat the effect that you could have experienced if you had hung a wet cloth inside the room during summer. However, the effect here is in a much broader manner. This, however, isn’t the first time when evaporative cooling is being used to lower the temperature of a certain place. This process had been in practice since the earliest of times, though not in such an excellent manner. An example in the case can be the porous ceramic vessels, which were used to keep the water cool.

How is this kind of brick innovative?

This isn’t the first time that efforts are being made to turn rooms cooler. For example, the air conditioners have long been used for this purpose. Besides, from the ancient times, the architects have used air in some way or the other to cool rooms. But in case of these bricks, it’s not air that does the trick. It uses water for cooling the rooms of your house. So, in a way, it is probably the first time when air has not been used for the purpose.

Can be a Less Expensive Substitute for Air Conditioners

The advent of technology has helped almost all the industries significantly. The real estate and the construction industries have been no different as well. These are using the advent of technology in the most prudent manner to enhance the living experiences of people and make it comfortable enough for them. These 3D printed bricks are a perfect example in the case. It might not be too far when we can see these bricks replace the air conditioners as a much less expensive substitute.

These 3D-printed bricks have rooms inside them, which can hold water like sponges. This makes it easier for people staying in places having extremely high temperature to find some comfort inside their home, and that too, without spending a hefty amount.

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